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FRIDAY 06/04/20-12

Tamesis Dock, Vauxhall / Lambeth, South London. 7pm till 1am.

Get ready for some VODOO RAVING this Friday on the banks of the River Thames, right in the centre of London (well, slightly South of it…) on an old Dutch barge called the Tamesis Dock (just down from Vauxhall station and in full view of the houses of Parliament!)

#SKANKTHEPLANK is the first party of 2012 for veteran underground party people the VOODOO RAVE CREW.

It’s in an intimate 100 capacity venue, and entry is free all night.

Past raves have featured people like Sheffield bassline DJ (and CryBaby Records owner...) J69, Finland's top / only? grime producer Gremino (Rag & Bone Records, Car Crash Set) and Frijsfo Beats label leader DJ Oslek (home to FACT mag / Rinse FM's Blackdown favourite + Future Garage conoisseur Sully, Geiom, Submerse, Cardopusher and many others...).

But there are no headliners for this one, for a change, just VOODOO DJs -

Ras Jambie, Frankly $ick, Greazy B, Datwun, Zombie Nathan, The Worm & Maxi Banton.

Music policy for the night is very varied, but all tailored to make people skank.

Queen Greazy B will be kicking things off early, going back to back with Maxi Banton (aka Jambie in a Dancehall mode…) playing nothing but carnival tunes – Soca, Reggae, Bashment & Dancehall for the Wuk Up, 7pm till 8.30pm.

Next up is Datwun. With a DJ alias harking back to ‘Dem 2’ and the classic late 90s early 00s 2-step era UKG that go with it, he’ll be on an all vinyl hype mixing up Garage and 4x4 Classics with newer UK Funky material, post dubstep and Future Garage vibes.

Then it’s The Worm – original Voodoo hype lady and hardcore junglist she’ll be playing 90s ardcore n’ jungle mixed in with some darkside Drum & Bass pressure for the headstrong.

Next Zombie Nathan, purveyor of low pH ACID squelches and classic Underground Resistance era techno & electro vibes he’ll be playing his own unreleased material mixed up with classic bits from the darkchives.

Next is DJ Frankly Sick / $ick – Grime Kid and peak 02-05 sublow / eski / wot-u-call-it vinyl hoarder don, Frankly’ll be doing what he does best regularly (and internationally) on his regular slot on Osaka Japan’s 241FM. Mashing up the place. Expect grime, bassline, UK funky and all of that sort of urban noise all cunningly deployed and perfectly blended.

King Of Ustream and UK underground supporters to the core: our good friends from 241FM will also be streaming the whole night live from the other side of the world on their channel.

Lastly it’s Voodoo Rave founder Jambie (again, not under an alias). Regular DJ on London’s Innacity FM, and some time guest on Ray Nulds’ weekend Sub FM show online, he will be bringing a hardrive full of dubplates and exclusives from Steel City Bassline, to Wolverhampton Grime, South London Bass, Yuteful Dubstep, Chicago Footwork, East London Funky and Dutch Bubblin House.

All upfront pirate material gathered from the darkest edges of the internet and let loose on the deck to get people skanking.

The party starts at 7pm and ends at 1am.

See you at the front!

Here are some links if you want to hear / see more VOODOO online,

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