Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hardcore Ragga

Look at this little gem I just found on the same riddim as Buju's beyond notorious early 90s 'no homo' anthem Boom Bye Bye.

I've always liked Mad Cobra for this classic piece of hardcore ragga, from way back in 1990, so it's nice to see that the man was / is able to spit on gyal tunes too (without straying too far from a good all, really).

Was lucky enough to catch a whole show of old skool JA riddims on one of the London pirates recently (not sure which one - I'm usually pretty good with patois, but this selector's accent was deep and the signal wasn't amazing), which moved me enough to dig out some of the old compilations and rusty 45s that I've got kicking about from back when.

Well worth it. That a bad boy stuff.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

All Sowed Up

If you were wondering what's been going on musically in the world of jampie most recently, the answer's two words really.

Swishahouse mixtapes (via Spotify) - I suggest y'all get on em.

It's all quality stuff, but there's something very special about OG Ron C's Fuck Action series; chopped & screwed versions of R&B tracks. He's an absolutely wicked DJ, and there's even a version of Prince's 'Purple Rain' on one of em. The slightly wider known Chamillionaire even pops his head up every now and then on F Action 37.5 (yes, there really are loads), which is aptly named Tha Morning After.

Pretty sexy stuff.

Mike Joooonneesss is probably my fave vocalist of the bunch, drunk or screwed. Check these bars out;

'Purple drink I'm a drip n' sip,
Anything illegal you know I'll flip.
 I'll roll slow with my pistol grip,
Diamonds shinin below my lip.'

Says it all really. Even worth the always annoying ads (any Spotify free users out there ready to shell out P's to stop em yet? I'm getting there, but not quite yet...).

You know wha'm talkin bout.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Too Many Slow Jams

A little Jampie update up on here, as requested [P.S. Draft 2 - think I forgot how to write via too much time on Twitter. Eww].

We are now nearing the end of the year (ennit!?) and oooooohhhh hasn't it been a funny one!! I'll put the ol' "end of" report up a bit later on, but for now here's what I should have really put up at some point between now and me last post (like a month ago - sooorrrry!) but never quite got round to.

On the JA side of things, 2 artists that have definitely been paying their dues recently (and getting lots of pirate airplay as a result) are these two. They both seem to be popping up on bare riddims at the minute.. Which is great.

I'm on a hype ting about Fambo especially, cos of the drinksing / drunk look. Good good good - lots that's appealing there.

"I'm never yet sober."

Tell em!

Next, I reckon that the best thing that I've seen / heard on the YoutTube in the past few months (inna Bashment at least) is this very swag elmo-cap-into-Mavado's-new-(very heavy, very 'umbl)-one 'When The Heathen Rise' about 5 a bit mins into this here vid. Wicked. Really like his new slightly more chill style. I'm sure there are other ones I should mention - but these two here and here have been doing it for me for a while now (second one's pretty fierce, but yea it's in the delivery ennit).

Back over on these shores though, really what it's all about right now is people coming along to the whole lotta gigs that I've got coming up in the next month.

Firstly, I'm supporting man like RAFFERTIE in Cambridge this Friday (19th November) in Clare College's Cellar. It's a students only do (I do believe) so any lucky cam kids that dun kno the dun know about that great great little location, get down nice and early for me back to backle with a few other Voodoo manz dem for some serious crate diggin. We've got 21:00 till 23:00 and the drinks are dutt cheap, so be there if you like pre lashing to this this and this - and not THIS.

I'm then going back up there again the Friday after for the (very exciting) return of the legendary VOODOO RAVE (thas my night!!!) - upstairs at the mighty Fountain Inn on the 26th November (home of Skream, Radioactive Man and many other DJs that have past through Cambridge's essential post-set night-cap [right next door to the rumoured biggest Spoons in the UK!!!]).

5 or 6 Voodoo bwoys / gyals will be reppin it hard on the decks all night right through till 3 in tha morn - and it's only £2 before 12! So if you've got a buddy with a comfy floor round those South Eastern endz it will be well worth the train fare up from London town / wherever else, cos u dibby dibby dun our parties are always a monster mash.

No more convincing needed surely.

BUT: For all of the haters out ther that still think Cambridge crowds are nerdy / lame - ya wrong!!!!

Right, that should do for now.

Oooooh yes, HERE is my fave #footwork(ing) trak at the minute, courtesy of Chicago's youngest celebrity Tha Pope. In my eyes, everything about it is perfect, and it highlights all that is good and great about this fantastic thread of modern Ghetto House that is rightfully getting the publicity over here that it so justly deserves.

I'm actually having a go at producing some jUKe meself now, so watch this space for more news on that one soon to come.

Played lots of juke / footwork stuff on the most recent InnaCity FM slot too. For anyone that missed it - the archive's up here on my mixcloud. Enjoy.

Started to work on a bit of a darkside theme there as well, definitely soon to be murkily revisited on a dancefloor near you. Some bits of classic early noughties proto-dubstep South London bass / electro / grime (DJ Controlled Weirdness, The Dexorcist, Radioactive Man) that recently arrived through me postbox.

Watch this space - voodoo voodoo #voodoo.

That's all for now, so blessy bless up one and all.

Hope to see some of yo footworkin the circle in Cambridge this / next week, or at least just there 'avin it at the front.

Either way it'd be nice to see you.

Till next time.

[P.S. I will update more soon. I promise!]

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