Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Come and join the future

Woa woa woa, how did i sleep on this???

Yea I'll be listening to that alot...

More to the point, i bought the trojan christmas box set this year and it's just three cds of pure festive filth. So, irie christmas and a dancehall new year all. See you in 2010...

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Swagger Man

Just came across the video for what is surely one of the biggest tunes of 09. It's like the Murkle Man but with gyals instead of boyment. Pretty funny!

Monday, 21 December 2009

Cool Rastas

Found this vintage shit on Yout Tube today.

Jah works, jah works, jah works!

You name it, we have it. Happy monday.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Something going round inside my head...

I'm gona end what's been a fairly thinky week for me with this ere early Warp brain banger. Mind and body music for the heart, soul and feet with a wickedly retro video.

Have a nice one this weekend everybody. Blessings.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Didn't realise this was from 2007! I've been all over the Cham and Aidonia tracks for quite a while, but not two years. I thought it was from this year...Oops.

Just thought I'd share the shock.

They deemed the Cham tune too gully on this YouTube link and censored it. Shame, their loss get me. Aidonia's fast chatting on empty is killa.

Meet We At The Pearly Gates

Dressed in ah all white, everyting alright.

We likes this ere blessing from Bugle ALOT.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Whatcha sayin?!?

Anyone else still feeling this sweet tune despite batty amounts of rinsing all day on the radio?

I am. You dun know it's solid.

So Flippin Wicked

Safe for the heads up on 'Hot It Up' by Keida, currently toppa their chart for December.

I'd not heard of her before, she's quite new apparently and this tune is big big big.

Her sound's something a bit different you know, and freshness me like.

Alright, cool!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Big man ting

Check Logan Sama's final show on Rinse from back in 2005. It's filed under classics on and that is no lie.

For all those that know about wheels and breaking needles.

"...i'm so lean it's hurting my eyes..."

Monday, 14 December 2009


Mr Mighty went mad with the Street Team riddim on Vibes yesterday. It's actually from earlier this year but I missed it somehow.

Fulla tune. Mavado, Assassin, Vybz, Bugle. Big big big. Hear dis!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Is Friday Again!

Haha, didn't post shit all this week. Oh well!

Westwood was funny as fuck on 1Xtra yesterday, he was hitting on the news lady and kept playing this clip of a kid saying "he's old, he's wrinkly, he's cute" saying it was Tiger Woods' ex. And this other one of an actual ex of his saying, "He's the whitest black guy I've ever met!" I think the producer was telling him to cut it cos he kept doing it, but instead he just shouted loads and ran gunshot sounds and sirens and stuff. Yea it was really jokes.

Anyways, he played so much good hip hop that I can't remember it all. He said he was keeping it old school at one point, and by that he meant playing tunes that actually came out when I was still at school. Actually, classic, tunes.

This one got played which is new, and it is getting me bare hyped. It's all about the rap game on ere today blud!

Happy fucking friday everybody. If anyone's catching Tempz on saturday ya blessed. I dunno if I can be arsed to go that far out (is it in essex?) and then get dumped pon road at 4am, but it will be nuts so maybe...

Thursday, 10 December 2009

It's a plug, it's a plug again, Pressure Sound on RIGHT now.

It's the last show. Big big big. You've already missed wa la la leng. Gutted.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Oh yea...

...and next garms like Capleton's in this one.



Underground Classics

Yea well it's actually all about very old garage bangers like deez this week cos of the United Vibes mixes that I've just found up on Blackdown's blog. The 97-99 one is especially tick, truss me.

Loads of the tracks aren't even on youtube bruv (oh no!).

Of course, it is actually also all about massive massive bass on funky tunes like this one by Roska. Cos well, some of that new UK shit is just wild.

Crazy mondays

Some FAT footage here. Happy new week.

Friday, 4 December 2009

It's fucking FRIDAY

Yea so i'm djing for two hours tonight and I'm bare hype.

They got me doing a reggae set up in the bar quite early on which people always expect to be all niceness and irie, but going off this footage of last time I did one I'd say maybe dem nah ready.

Bringing the muthafuckin ruckus UK buttaz music old & new style b2b my lil brother straight away afterwards in the cellar.

Hype hype hype.

Just in case you thought maybe dat I wasn't gona be rinsing all a dem free drink tokens before I go on at 10 doe, surely you must be forgetting how we do this.

PEACE. Happy fucking friday everybody. For anyone at Kings Mingle tonight, Jambie-I pon the decks 10-11 in the bar, 11-12 in the cellar.

Bless up.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Ghetto music

Oh fuck. Someone dropped the instrumental of this Rapid produced Mercston & Ghetto tune somewhere recently and i thought it was brand new. It's actually from last year i think, vaguely remember previewing it back then and not getting it for some reason.

Anyway, THAT WAS DUMB. Straight cop off come payday, get me...

The video's so funny.

'Mercstoooon!!! You'd better be doing your homework...'

Cracks me UP.


Shameless plug again. My girlfriend hosts a radio show in France that's on air right now. It's called Pressure Sound.

It's very good! Last time I listened she ran this at 1 00 in the afternoon and loads of bassline, so she doesn't fuck about.



Overly hard swag. As featured on this week's PWBC.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bare hype Wu Tang shit on youtube

Seriously i forgot how good old Wu Tang videos are. Hadn't seen the video for this one before but it's fucking nuts.

Too many highlights but ODB at 2.00 is particularly gully. There's this live clip of him from 93 up on there too which is fucking next level. RIP big baby jesus. Got 36th Chamber on me actually...

Looks like the whole of hyper violent samurai film Shogun Assassin (sampled shitloads on Wu Tang albums) is up on youtube in 10 parts.

It's a jokes if you ain't seen it. At 1.00 in on this clip there's a big bit where our bwoy Lone Wolf clashes with one of the shogun's sons and absolutely fucks him up.

And that's just like at the very start of the film.

Actually, this bit's at the VERY start.
'When I was little...'

Mr Loverman

Vybz Kartel on the strip club riddim (which is fucking large, heatwave's well on it...)

'BEND ov-a so, bend-ova-so.
How your foot sexy pon me shoulder so...'

It a go hard!!! Very nice. He always has the best sex lyrics.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Loving in the Winter

I've always loved this track, but for various reasons I'm particularly enjoying it at the minute.

It's a triumphant blues number, for those of you who don't know, as well as being the last song Barrett did with Pink Floyd.

I think the lyrics are very revealing if you look at what he was going through at the time. He couldn't have stayed with the group the way they were heading, especially since everyone thought he'd gone mad. I think his message comes through very clearly.

A very misunderstood anti-rockstar rockstar was Syd Barrett, modest and unegostistical. And I love him.

This particular video's got some great old Syd and the band footage on it. Which is always nice.

What exactly is a dream? And what exactly is a joke?

Thought provoking stuff. Beautifully sung explorations of the mind and heart.

Missin Yuh

It's Assassin again, tune from earlier this year.

Starts off with the line, 'I dropped by the cemetary today, thinking about the fact that you're not around anymore...'

He must have lost someone close. The lyrics are very raw and real.

It's a really moving track, and well worth 3.55 of your time to check out.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Chant Down Babylon

Heard this one get alot of love on London Pirate Platinum FM yesterday.

Too many man to mention on board(Sizzla, Assassin, Chuck Fenda etc) but the 'Neva see di sign woi' bit on Queen Ifrica's tune's got me glued.

I reckon Assassin sounds wicked on roots tunes, always like seeing him or Busy Signal crop up (like on this one with our man Busy and Morgan Heritage) . Get me?

Sizzla sounds good with a lil autotune too.

Big riddim.

Friday, 27 November 2009


Yea here's my new mix up on mixdcloud.

Sounds of the weekend rush!

Just to get you on a hype ting here's some vintage remarc from back in day on Weekend Rush 92.5fm.

Found the original of the acen tune at 6.22. It's too much. Makes my hairs stand up on end.

I want you every day...

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Reaching out to all the nice and reasonable people!

Uuuhh, fairly obvious hats off to one person who knows exactly who they are for this one but check THIS out.

More of that please from everyone.

Stagga's on a mad ting. Him & Monkey, if they're even different people. Most dubstep producers are pissing me off at the moment, but not him. Man's got a tune called LSD user on youtube LOLLL. Fuckin heavy. Bad bad bad hardcore dance music.

(...AHEM, lest i forget. I'm not a hater BUT - distance, skream, benga, supa d et al at matter doing the rinse fwd last friday. Buttaz. All I wanted was too many man and are you gona bang doe and instead everyone played rusko sounding shit and deep batty house. I was bare pissed and not to be trusted on exactly what happened tbh, but still. I know that shit when i hear it. Not like oneman, he slewed it. Fit. And Brockie fucking murked it too. Original ruffnek KoolFM bizniz. SalUUTE!!)


Llow the boyment cuz...

Alright i've been boying this blog too hard for too long. Had to get it re-activated and everything...

Anyways. Whatever. The war is back on.

Gona try and post heavy stuff on the regular this time round.

Been crate digging bare these last few months, so for any non-believers / ardcore is bare overhyped wasssstemen out there here's some '92 business here that kills it dead.

And one for the junglists from 93 that's a fucking rinse out.

This is worth a read on blissblog if you've got 8 hours to spare. Think it's what Kode9's got a degree in. Pretty fucking weird.

Hopefully that's just bought your ears, and you'll come check back again soon.
If anyone fancies doing me a huge favour could they plz let me know the name of that punky hardcore sounding tune that's on PWBC alot at the moment???? It's got a Black Sabbath riff in it. I think it sounds sick.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Where were we in '03??

Smart, dark and edgy places...

When was Planet Mu's Am┬Ánition release, '04? (Yes).

I have tried in vain many times to find a Hawerchuk mix from around then. I don’t think it’s at all sad to admit that I would really really like to know what it is that he would have been playing out back then. He was the the first guy on Planet Mu to run anything garage-y as far as I can see...Boomkat termed it sublow at the time…

Perhaps it was just grime & more grime to bangface types? Makes sense. I was amongst their ranks, be it as a young’un, and I for one absolutely lapped it up. I remember hearing Chav & Dave play some 'un-chavvy' non-mc grime & super-low end slow as slow dubstep in Summer '05 supporting Venetian Snares on a biggy soundsystem, and it blew my sox off. Proper life changing stuff. I for one certainly went on to get decks a few months later with the sole intention of playing any stuff I could find what sounded like Vex’d …

Shitmat's Gary's Gruesome UKG tune was originally written in '03 but didn't get pressed till Virus Syndicate and Benga etc were getting releases...I'm really hoping that now badboy junglist Bizzy B's been on Planet Mu for a while running his really old hardcore stuff, his Beatfreaks & Second Protocol back catalogue might one day see an 'unreleased dubs' style release...TOBACCO = very very DOPE 4x4, trust me. Same time, '04 I think. He did tings with DJ Luck & MC Neat don't ya know!

Man like top blogger Gutterbreakz, as well as being a real key component in breaking lots of the heads in the dubstep and grime scene online around then, alongside barefiles & dubstepforum etc, was as Mu obsessed as me back in 2005 it would seem.
As such, I would like to hear his spin on this period of English electronic music - referring to his first (?) blog published and near 99% Planet Mu based virtual dj mix as he does, as being " own little stand against the mainstream/corporate whores. This is the music I believe in. This is the culture I side with").

There was some kind of very cool Zeitgeist floating about anyway- and actually having been in Croydon for large chunks of that time, I can safely say that it wasn't leading to anywhere geographically, but rather purely sonically - to the dubstep XXXplosion that was fun as fuck.

So if you have a tendency to be fashion hating Am┬Ánition-leaning oldy like me, then hype about funky n wonky just ain't ever gona be the same as 06 hype about dubstep...It's big, but it don't feel like no paradigm shift like it used to.

Annoyingly, now I'm big boy enough to mix me Hawerchuk choons in wiv me grime and 4x4 feel really cool and clever about myself, it's 2009, and the 'Mu-sublow '04' boom has more than come and gone - and I wasn't behind the decks...

But I am now, and I consider my sets very much representative of this same vibe. Which is why I need to put one up. Oops.

BIG UPS - I'd like to give a shout out to all the 2003-06 skankers - all massive and all crew that were on that crossover buzz. BIG big big big up yourselves each and every time all the heads at Planet Mu most of all (Vex'd & Hawerchuk in particular...), for laying it down and playing it out. Gooooooood times!

((P.P.P.S...The original 12" of of Camel Toes / Caned Peas is still available on Boomkat for like £6 - And Grim Dubs 5. That's madness, they should have been snatched up in seconds - even if they are re-re-re-presses or whatever.

Blistering scatty sublow etc.

Essssssential purchasesss - see above)).

Making funny sounds

From mouse to rat.

Junglist movement...

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I want to put a mix up real bad, but I can't record one onto my computer (...which won't turn on) at the minute so the only one I have is on tape. Cassette, old skool mixtape style...It's actually got Bleach by Nirvana on the flip...

It is really good though. Very loud. Listened to it on the tube yesterday with AVLS off. Boom 'n Bang like isn't it...

I did however Just find out that Broken Note recently did an electronic explorations set which is up online. They're on the mix.

Not listened to the set yet.

You usually have to skip through the bit where our mate Robby does his thing to get to the mix...

Bet it's hevvy.

Friday, 9 January 2009

This 'ere me blog.

This 'ere me blog.

Very soon this page will be littered with all sorts of interesting things. Hold tight...

yasmin lawsuit