Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Voodoo-U Do

Was listening to some old '06 barefiles archive bits and felt moved to do a wee broadcast of some old tracks circa then and a little bit before then for the man dem.

Little retrospective session going from dubstep to grime on a bit of a darkside tip, to get you party people set for the long weekend. Plenty of personal faves in there. 100% vinyl, of course.

Good times. Bless up.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Voodoo Rave meets J69 Productions Downtown

Yup, tomorrow's the day.

Our first non-Voodoo guest of the year J69 will be coming down all the way from Sheffield to make a guest appearance on tomorrow's extended Voodoo Radio show, broadcasting 5-8pm on London's Inna City 102.5FM.

One of my favourite young producers of the moment, with support from DJ EZ and releases out already on his own CryBaby Records as well as the UK's muddest Off Me Nut, our man J's gona be tearing up the London airwaves with plenty of that Steel City Bassline sound that this man loves so much (alongside whatever else sneaks in to his bag, I'm sure!).

If you've not caught his stuff before then here are a few tasters nabbed from his Soundcloud page;

J69 - Falling Dub [UKB] by J69Music

Dexplicit - Bullacake [J69 Remix] by J69Music

J69 ft Charlie Sheen - Winning by J69Music

Myself and Ray Nulds doing the damn fing alongside as well, with lots of new and unreleased material as well as all those standard tracks that we always run cos we think they're big like.

Look forward to seeing you all locked!

UK Pirate Istic In The Cloud / Standard Weekend Rush

...followed by pages and pages of Soundcloud Group spam shit, with the occasional gem.

Standardly essential history lesson business. Well worth your ears.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Getting Grimey Time

Here's an '04 grime mix from the man -

Absolutely chocked full of obscuro white labels, I'm sure. Nothing bate, all fire. Think about how much they would all go for amongst grime heads that hoard that kind of stuff (there are many too. I do it, so do other Voodoo people, and from Twitter it would seem Slacckk and Spooky do it too still. Discogs too, even from within the scene...)?!?

How much would I pay for that second tune? £20? £40? If you could ever find an ID for it that is, or a seller.

Now think about S-X's recent Wooo riddim. Is that ever gona be worth anything? It was the biggest grime riddim of last year bar none, but it was already WELL old by the time it got pressed to wax this year and all over the internet. You can even get mp3s of D Double's unreleased vocal, of a reasonable enough quality to play on the radio at least.

Is it even worth pressing a track that late on (I did buy it btw...)? It's not much use to grime MCs anymore, they need fresh bits. There are some remixes out on road or wherever, and i bet they go for £40 a cop on mp3 / wav as specials via Twitter, Facebook etc...

MP3s can't have 2nd hand value in the same way. Even straight after you've copped them! Well not in the same way as vinyl of course, makes sense, not unless it was somehow unburnable and not available anywhere else but on a specific hard drive / cd.

Think about Slimzee upping his entire collection on eBay recently - google search and check the cache.

It went for peanuts - £400 for 800+ vinyls?

Was he selling them on cos he ripped them? Were they just taking up space then, if he had .wavs? Did he honestly think people wouldn't think that that was an insane thing to do (with that collection you could essentially BE one of the biggest grime collectors at their peak...essentially)?

It's all mind boggling.

Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy

Another article from a few years back for Sonic Router pointing towards this state of affairs -

Courtesy of none other than the big man himself, Rag & Bone Records' DJ Warlock.

"The concept of a record label in the sense it has existed up to this point is dead. The future of consuming music is getting it for free. That’s how it is. That’s how it’s going to be. There was a really interesting debate recently organised by Music Tank which stated that in this digital age, anything that can be copied has zero financial value, and anything that can’t has immense value. Thus music has no value but an artist (which can’t be copied) is incredibly valuable. Doesn’t look good for the record labels does it?"

Pearls of wisdom. Cyan say we never did a warn ya.

I dun a rassclart dance

Interesting little rap to gloom up your Thursday over at Little White Ear Buds about the current dire state of electronic music as well as the industry.

Little link here -

This section in particular I thought murked it;

"...lost in a flood of irrelevant, crappy music and the feeling that others had more fun before (hence the retro obsession in today’s music). The total de-motivation doesn’t manifest itself only in the musicians’ under achievements, but also in the annoyance of everybody else. A frustrated DJ plays lame tunes in front of people bored to tears. That’s the average event out there. Alternatively, a collective nostalgia for some era of “old days” prevails. Everyone keeps doing the same thing out of the fear that the slightest deviation from the norm will scare away the small remaining, yet patient audience who goes along because of a lack of alternatives..."

The title of the post has nothing to do with this really. It was lifted from some sick bars from a radio rip up on my new favourite mixcloud user Daily241's profile. Holding it down 4 the UK grime scene over there in Osaka JP. Your time cuzzy.

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