Monday, 27 December 2010

rag & bone records on mixcloud...

Does any more need to be said rly??

South London's finest will now be putting the archives of their bi-monthly Sub FM shows up on mixcloud.

This is fanastic news - the artwork's looking great, and last week's one's already got a full tracklisting (aka IDs for all tunes, for those of you like myself that are in to that kind of thing...).

In case you missed it on the day, MAKE SURE to check it out here.

Oh yes, and make sure to click follow...on the label page, as well as Warlock and Noyeahno's individual accounts.

You know it makes sense ; )

Friday, 24 December 2010

...and behind door number 5

It's Christmas. Well, Christmas Eve.

I was going to put up a mad ting of a mix, but what with festive obligations I simply haven't had the time (well, I have, but I got too in to this ale / gin teng with me fam, and decided to bun it HARD).

As this calendar started on the 20th however, I may take the liberty of putting more mixes up before the close of the year.

Otherwise - irie f*cking Christmas jampie readers, and a very happy New Year!

Thanks for reading this year, and see you in the nexxt.

Festive bless - jambie x.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

"It's a hard place that I'm livin, but I'm doing well, well..."

Captain "Don Van Vliet" Beefheart died on the 18th December 2010. I wasn't aware of this at the time, but having just found out I felt it necessary to make mention of it here.

He was one of my favourite musicians of all time, and I hope that he will be remembered, at very least, as one of the most important artistic talents of the last century. RIP.

He was always a controversial artist, and who knows what he might have acheived sonically had he not watered down his (still phenomenal) sound after the release of his seminal 2xLP Trout Mask Replica, in an attempt at producing the 'music that you all wanted to hear.' What we have on tape, however, will continue to stand the test of time, solidifying the already very apparent genius of this exceptional (controlling, and, apparently, enfuriating) human being.

Below are the lyrics to 'Frownland', the first track off the album and a massively uplifting blues song by just about anyone's standards.

God bless.

"My smile is stuck, I cannot go back to your Frownland.
My spirit's made up of the ocean, and the sky 'n' the sun 'n' the moon, 'n' all my eyes can see.
I cannot go back to your land of gloom, where black jagged shadows remind me of the coming of your doom.
I want my own land.
Take my hand and come with me.
It's not too late for you, it's not too late for me to find my homeland. 
Where a man can stand by another man without an ego flying. 
With no man lying 'n' no one dying by an earthly hand.
Let the devils burn and the beggar learn, 'n' the little girls that live in those old worlds take my kind hand.
My smile is stuck.
I cannot go back to your Frownland . 
I cannot go back to your Frownland."

Monday, 20 December 2010

Natty Christmas pt.2


For all of those that watch this sh*t :

Over the next week I shall be putting a new mix up every day on my mixcloud account ( in an attempt to get all you jampie readers terribly hype for christmas.

Each one will be on a different vibe / theme / genre / tip, and just like one of those doors on an advent calendar type online memes, will be viewable from that day on, right up until the 25th.

Also - in a style similar to other advent type stuff / those very tight but always madly on point FACT mixes, I will be taking them down quite shortly after.

This is to encourage buzz, a feeling of exclusiveness to those that care about these things.

The first will be a very special guest mix, and should be up by midnight tonight.

I hope that this will keep you all entertained right up to the end of what has been, at least as I see it, a very productive year - mix / radio / voodoowise (and blogwise, up to a point).

Tank ya koindly for all of your support, and I hope you find this jokes / rly cool.

Updates will be popping up on here as they come in.

Festive bless, and Irie Ismas wishies to you, one and all.

-I Jambie.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hardcore Ragga

Look at this little gem I just found on the same riddim as Buju's beyond notorious early 90s 'no homo' anthem Boom Bye Bye.

I've always liked Mad Cobra for this classic piece of hardcore ragga, from way back in 1990, so it's nice to see that the man was / is able to spit on gyal tunes too (without straying too far from a good all, really).

Was lucky enough to catch a whole show of old skool JA riddims on one of the London pirates recently (not sure which one - I'm usually pretty good with patois, but this selector's accent was deep and the signal wasn't amazing), which moved me enough to dig out some of the old compilations and rusty 45s that I've got kicking about from back when.

Well worth it. That a bad boy stuff.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

All Sowed Up

If you were wondering what's been going on musically in the world of jampie most recently, the answer's two words really.

Swishahouse mixtapes (via Spotify) - I suggest y'all get on em.

It's all quality stuff, but there's something very special about OG Ron C's Fuck Action series; chopped & screwed versions of R&B tracks. He's an absolutely wicked DJ, and there's even a version of Prince's 'Purple Rain' on one of em. The slightly wider known Chamillionaire even pops his head up every now and then on F Action 37.5 (yes, there really are loads), which is aptly named Tha Morning After.

Pretty sexy stuff.

Mike Joooonneesss is probably my fave vocalist of the bunch, drunk or screwed. Check these bars out;

'Purple drink I'm a drip n' sip,
Anything illegal you know I'll flip.
 I'll roll slow with my pistol grip,
Diamonds shinin below my lip.'

Says it all really. Even worth the always annoying ads (any Spotify free users out there ready to shell out P's to stop em yet? I'm getting there, but not quite yet...).

You know wha'm talkin bout.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Too Many Slow Jams

A little Jampie update up on here, as requested [P.S. Draft 2 - think I forgot how to write via too much time on Twitter. Eww].

We are now nearing the end of the year (ennit!?) and oooooohhhh hasn't it been a funny one!! I'll put the ol' "end of" report up a bit later on, but for now here's what I should have really put up at some point between now and me last post (like a month ago - sooorrrry!) but never quite got round to.

On the JA side of things, 2 artists that have definitely been paying their dues recently (and getting lots of pirate airplay as a result) are these two. They both seem to be popping up on bare riddims at the minute.. Which is great.

I'm on a hype ting about Fambo especially, cos of the drinksing / drunk look. Good good good - lots that's appealing there.

"I'm never yet sober."

Tell em!

Next, I reckon that the best thing that I've seen / heard on the YoutTube in the past few months (inna Bashment at least) is this very swag elmo-cap-into-Mavado's-new-(very heavy, very 'umbl)-one 'When The Heathen Rise' about 5 a bit mins into this here vid. Wicked. Really like his new slightly more chill style. I'm sure there are other ones I should mention - but these two here and here have been doing it for me for a while now (second one's pretty fierce, but yea it's in the delivery ennit).

Back over on these shores though, really what it's all about right now is people coming along to the whole lotta gigs that I've got coming up in the next month.

Firstly, I'm supporting man like RAFFERTIE in Cambridge this Friday (19th November) in Clare College's Cellar. It's a students only do (I do believe) so any lucky cam kids that dun kno the dun know about that great great little location, get down nice and early for me back to backle with a few other Voodoo manz dem for some serious crate diggin. We've got 21:00 till 23:00 and the drinks are dutt cheap, so be there if you like pre lashing to this this and this - and not THIS.

I'm then going back up there again the Friday after for the (very exciting) return of the legendary VOODOO RAVE (thas my night!!!) - upstairs at the mighty Fountain Inn on the 26th November (home of Skream, Radioactive Man and many other DJs that have past through Cambridge's essential post-set night-cap [right next door to the rumoured biggest Spoons in the UK!!!]).

5 or 6 Voodoo bwoys / gyals will be reppin it hard on the decks all night right through till 3 in tha morn - and it's only £2 before 12! So if you've got a buddy with a comfy floor round those South Eastern endz it will be well worth the train fare up from London town / wherever else, cos u dibby dibby dun our parties are always a monster mash.

No more convincing needed surely.

BUT: For all of the haters out ther that still think Cambridge crowds are nerdy / lame - ya wrong!!!!

Right, that should do for now.

Oooooh yes, HERE is my fave #footwork(ing) trak at the minute, courtesy of Chicago's youngest celebrity Tha Pope. In my eyes, everything about it is perfect, and it highlights all that is good and great about this fantastic thread of modern Ghetto House that is rightfully getting the publicity over here that it so justly deserves.

I'm actually having a go at producing some jUKe meself now, so watch this space for more news on that one soon to come.

Played lots of juke / footwork stuff on the most recent InnaCity FM slot too. For anyone that missed it - the archive's up here on my mixcloud. Enjoy.

Started to work on a bit of a darkside theme there as well, definitely soon to be murkily revisited on a dancefloor near you. Some bits of classic early noughties proto-dubstep South London bass / electro / grime (DJ Controlled Weirdness, The Dexorcist, Radioactive Man) that recently arrived through me postbox.

Watch this space - voodoo voodoo #voodoo.

That's all for now, so blessy bless up one and all.

Hope to see some of yo footworkin the circle in Cambridge this / next week, or at least just there 'avin it at the front.

Either way it'd be nice to see you.

Till next time.

[P.S. I will update more soon. I promise!]

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


...something off quickly. For those of you that have been checking here recently - my apologies. I've been really quite busy recently.

Big tings this week though (!) as I've got my first gig in TIME alongside the Ray Nulds this Saturday at the Social, as well as the usual bi-monthly Innacity FM slot from 4-6 pm same day.

30th October's the day - hope to see you ALL locked / there.

En plus, also very excitingly...

VOODOO Rave is unexcpectedly BACK in itz OriGinal endz on the 26th November at Ze Fountain in good 'ol Cambridge!!!

More info to follow - but I'm aiming to bung a super spooky mix up on ere soon, so you can all get your masks and joss sticks out, grab yourself a tin of cider and get on a hype ting.

Oh yeees, and on a Rag & Bone tip les Squires are topping the juno bassline download chart for the second week running (HYPE!) so yeeeaaa yeeaa yeaaa.

Oh yea, and I'm on Twitter doing the promo too for dat now.

Safe, safe, safe.


"Let the madness begin..."

 ...roll up, roll up!!!!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Bass(mental) Culture

Ok - so maybe some of the keener jampie followers out there will remember my post on Arthur ' Artwork' Smith ('Energy Nush' Feb 2010) of [now uber-succesful] Magnetic Man fame alongside Skream and Benga, and how he was previously also in mashman dark / future garage outfit Menta alongside one of the guys from speed garage b-line bwoys 187 Lockdown and DnD Productions, who was also building tracks back as far as 1992 - right???

Yea well, turns out our boy Arthur's been on the scene from back in the day as well - releasing super dark n' menacing first wave MNML tekno back in the mid 90s as on half of AJ Sound [as featured alongside many other ARD 90s trax on this week's rrridiculous Retrospective Rag & Bone show on Sub FM].

Out to Warlock for the spot.

Man's certainly getting his P's due now.

NUUMS FLASH - Interesting point here on the role of 'accesibility' and its importance in an established dance music scene ----> people like Katy B's current ab(use) in pop / grime here at the beginning of the [teens?]10's (via Benga / Benga vox) and some of the biggest electronic chart hits at the start of the 00s (Fragma / Fragma vox).

What u call it?



Monday, 11 October 2010


Monday's screwed.

It's a new ting. Why not?!!?

Flex Nexx Hype !!!


Mp3 release of the Squires' debut is out TODAY via Rag & Bone records on all the usual channels (junodownload, boomkat etc).

Any blogging types reading this that are keen to represent very very loud and proud ponline, get following me on Twitter @JackRagandBone and DM me for a token that's worth one free full length 320 mp3.

Don't say me never did a warn ya.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

All Of My Soldiers Four 2 tha Floor

Just to point your eyes towards this new one up on mixcloud by Voodoo fam franklysick.

Lots of good stuff - manz got the niche ting nailed!

Respect where respect's due.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Suspiricious Mixes

The most recent Voodoo Radio broadcast is also now up on me mixcloud page.

Features an exclusive guest mix from UKFunky bashline masta and long time Voodoo fam DJ Frankly Sikk, as well as the usual bizzle from Ray Nulds and I man.

Couple of those Squires exclusives in there too.

I had big fun.

Promoting Scorpion Thingz

As a quick plug, just thought I'd let it be known that I'm doing promo for the forthcoming Squire of Gothos album.

It's called We Do Scorpion Thingz, and all the track previews are now up on soundcloud.

The album's out 11th October on the mighty Rag & Bone records and features no less than 13 DJ friendly bangers of exactly the type you'd expect from our boyz the Squires - with tracks ranging from deep, dark and nasty to full on nutty bassline rave.

Well worth the dolla if you ask me!!!

Plz feel free to go check em out ; )

Itz Not Rite...

...just how on point Planet Mu are being in 2k10.

Bangs & Works comes out December 6th, and will be the 4th Modern Juke / Footwork release for the label in just 4 months.

That means that by the close of this year a UK label will be responsible for the release of nearly 80 of this odd thread of Chicago Ghetto House's best trax to date.

The guys deserve mad props for the two ultra dark RP Boo numbers on the compilation alone (the man who was apparently the founding father of the sound), but all 25 of the tunes included here are absolute killers - many being personal favourites of mine from the few mixtapes and radio sets that I've been able to get my hands on since my initial exposure to the sound via Mike Muziq's mixcloud page earlier this year.

Be excited.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Flava 4 (Post-)Raver

Where the f*ck did this one come from???????????

Straight up darkside bizzle here, as ex-Roll Deep man Wonder meets one member of my personal favourite late night MNML Deep House n' Tech presenters on Rinse, the Clairvoyants, deep deep deeeep in the underground.

Sounds a bit like Raffertie's very wicked 7th Dimension gone darkside.

Reminiscent of darksteppers Current Value & Cooh's recentish dystopian dubstep efforts...but, well, odder?

Nice to see Wonder continuuming to keep it real.

12" out today on juno.

Monday, 13 September 2010

The Voice Of An Angel

Our man Brian En/mo getting in on the scenius of auto-tune (in a terribly un-urban way) back in 06ish - claiming that everyone's favourite Antares vocal tool creates a sound that he believes to be something like, 'the voice of an angel.'

...meanwhile, in Jamaica.

In all fairness to the man though, what he's saying slots in really nicely with my robo ragga / predator is out there thing that I've talked about a bit before with NUU-ragga.

'It's possible to do things with voices that you couldn't do in the past...If you over-use it, the voice stops sounding human...that machine creates a new person...a person who could never exist in real life.

You're taking a machine that existed to solve a problem, but using it to make something that nobody ever thought about making.'

Jungle tekno(logy).

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Music For Me

How much am I listening to this at the moment???

More so than Apollo for a change, actually.

Highlights for me at the minute definitely inclus this one, this one and THIS one, but it's all good really. His ambient albums pretty much set the standard - i reckon.

Perfect for the rainy days (and nights) of late.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lickle Man Ting

Vintage 1986 footage of Beenie Man absolutely runnin tings at the tender age of 13 - check that fast chat out!!!

That particular style of Djing was very popular amongst UK Dancehall artists for a while in the 80s - right through into jungle too I guess.

Anyways, Beenie sounds wicked. Here's another one of his from a few years before, when he was only 10. Bwoy started off as young as 5 apparently, because his uncle ran a sound system.

Don't wanna sound like a d*ck, but f*ck Justin Bieber fam. That is young.

Big man. If anyone can gimme an ID on the riddim I'll give them a prize...

Monday, 6 September 2010

Welcome To My Nightmare...

Most recent radio show's now up on mixcloud.

This one was wicked - proper personal set for youns with a couple of my all time favourites in there, as well as a bit of sloppy scratching and some seriously heavy plundering of this ere classic Fulci flick for CD samples.

We got to play for 3 hours in the end so I got a good 25+ trax in!!!

Very fun.

Left all the Juke at home this week, but here's some bits that I'm feelin on the YoutUbe atm ennit.

Probably going to get some old friends down for the next one, so hold tight anyone that's been following this Voodoo ting for a while cos it should be a laugh.

Monday, 23 August 2010


This weekend we did a VoodooRadio CARNIVAL SPECIAL for our regular slot on West London's InnaCityFM.

Myself the Jambie alongside Ray Nulds playing out Firey Roots, Tropical Beats, Sunshine Bass, Ghetto Bounce and everything in between.

It was a really fun one.

Now up on mixcloud.

Modern Vampires Of Blood

Sh*t's real.

And it's been up on YouTube since summer '07!!!


Don't sleep.

Sunday, 22 August 2010


BOUNCE is my favourite song at the moment.

That's why I played it on the radio - upload to follow shawtyly.

Happy wknd!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jukin 4 tha hatas.

Friday, 20 August 2010


Been digging through old Databass and Twilight 76 releases recently to see what's been pressed, and found this wickedly rushy DJ Boogie 12" from back in '02.

Starting to really feel the ol' Aceeeid and D.E.T.roit Tech heritage in all this Juke and Jilt sh*zzle. There are chicago house, dance mania, ghetto, bass and booty links in the footwork scene out there at the minute that I've heard talked about already - but going further back there's this whole really rich ravey musical lineage to both Chi-Town and the Motor City that I've not heard mention of yet in direct connection with the newer sound.

The links to the pioneers are definitely there though, and I think flashes come through particularly strongly with the mad sampling and general oddness of the newer trax over the far more booty / profanity based 4x4 stuff of yesteryear.

Check here, here and here for classic jukejilttechworktastic plastic - if you're that way inclined.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Dr-I Cry

Works for me!

I'll put up some other sh*t up when my interests broaden out a bit.
And maybe kick the puns.

But not for now.

Irie Friday everybody.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


If anyone's noticed a distinct lack of new posts up in here recently then apologies - lots of distractions are gwarnin, not the least the fact that I have broken my big toe.

I kicked a tree. Won't be doing that again in a hurry.

Anyway - sh*t's still been going down. There's a second VoodooRadio online instalment now up on me mixcloud, for those of you that are interested. Last weekend marked the return of Ray Nulds after a busy few weeks, and we did our usual thang as well as putting on a very short juke exclusive at the end - running through some classics alongside tracks from DJ Nate's sh*t ur pants debut 12".

Expect much more of that to come over the next few months.

The irony's killing me (ref. blog post title).

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wµrkas Our Motivation

Dam fam. EP's the first of its kind to get a pressing on plastic, I do believe.

Good news for modern man(z dem).

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Time To Get Gremi

Them big bad Rag & Bone lot just gave their very wicked new Gremino release a much deserved vinyl pressing - yyyyessss!!!

Really good news.

This one's been doing it for me for months now.

Fast FWD>

>into dub.

Check that Mad Professor sample bouncing around at the beggining of the aformentioned omni tune!

Voiced by Sister Audrey of the prof's Ariwa camp, that 'awawawawawa' vocal sample crops up in a bunch of early 90s UK dance tracks, and it's got me wanting to listen to many others from his classic 80s Dub Me Crazy releases that I remember really liking.

If Sampledelia's taught a man anything it's that that this song at least must be a seminal one for people in the right circles back then (or at very least very readily available for ripping the sample from).

I didn't really used to rate the 80s UK dub guys compared to Scientist and Prince Jammy's Jamaican stuff from round then - I suppose because it was nothing like the much more subtle approach of the JA artists' dub stylings. But coming back to the tunes now with a whole heap more interest in these humble shores I really like them - precisely because that they are so different! That not at all subtle eccentricity and heavyweight digi / loopyness.

The Shaka scene from 1981's Babylon gives a great depiction of that exciting and specifically UK reggae-ness which was so clearly a big sound on the streets (and pirates) of London Town in all its different forms throughout 1980s - and as an obvious ( / the definitive?) precursor to the eventual and fateful jungling up of raves in this country it has not been appreciated nearly enough by myself in recent years.

These sounds aren't simply being sampled over and over (thanks - 'British youts in the 80s / 90s,' soundbwoys like Dillinja, Lemon D, The Bug and Heatwave, all wax lyrical about Jah Shaka, Aswad, Adrian Sherwood, Mad Professor, Lovers Rock, Iration Steppas et al at least as much as they do about King Tubby / Lee Perry / Augustus Pablo and all of the critically acclaimed and widely admired and written about JA massive.

Check this recent King Midas 'Lovers Rock' mix by long time Industrial-Noisemaker and Ambient expert done calmed down again again Kevin Martin aka The Bug alongside Dub Poet type Roger Robinson.

These UK artists are fusion artists first and foremost, constantly adding to and expanding on their musical roots and culture with all sorts of newness on top of the music legacy that's being inherited (not at all unlike their counterparts overseas mind, just in a way that's consitently different to them).

This tradition of producing music never stopped (bit of a jump obviously, but you follow me right?, and the same sh*t is still very much going down today (>get me...).

I really like that, and as such nowadays I will rep it when I see it. That's why I'll be listening to lots of 80s UK reggae music this week.

Just so you know.


Omn mi gosh.

Real jungle movement

(...come gi we deh)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Wha dis?!?

Nice new loud, positive n catchy one from the Gully God.

I'm all over it.

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bad Gyal

You heard this one??

Brilliant. A really REALLY good production from Redlight, and Mizzy B's best vocal yet, says I.

Boo UKG(rime) meets Bashment styleez - very nice!!!

Scoped on the always wicked JUST JAM up pon dibby dibby don't watch that! TV.

Get 2 kno.

Rerub A Dub Style

Think I'm a bit late on this one, but still, it's a wicked rerub of an already huge track.

Shame it too will never get a vinyl pressing.

Digital manz don't watch.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Jµ-ngle Massive

Continuing with the theme of preaching blessed love for the DJ works of original bad man like µ-Ziq (and his absolutely wicked mixcloud profile), I've now got hooked on vintage Kemet Crew productions following a severe rinsing of his MASSIVE 93-96 Jungle mix - RRRRRUUN THE TRACK!!

Here and here and here.

"Jungle a run it."

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Daaaaammm fammm

Jambie likes this.

Video's well f**kin ard.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Bassline is...Killin It

Has anyone else noticed that's there's a sh*tload of good bassline coming out at the moment?!?!?

Not much getting pressed unfortunately, so I've been raiding back catalogues.

London, Leeds, Sheffield....'s grime up north.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Not Younger Than Yesterday

Today is my birthday.

To celebrate the occassion, here are a bunch of songs that I like to get drunk to.

Enjoy, and have a nice weekend.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sacred Purchase / Called Dat Cop

Been meaning to buy this fantastic piece of ardkore raving plastic for some time, but after a massive surge of interest in it recently following a post on blissblog I panicked and finally decided to actually cop the fe*ker before it becomes a total sell off.

It was not cheap - but, for my money, I'd have to say that this is most certainly up there with the best club tracks of all time.

Just 4 u, London Massive.
We can do it together.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Nuff said. Fanx Heatwave for the tip off.

Mµst See!!!

BTW - Mike Paradinas' mixcloud is a f*cking goldmine.

Have you seen this one???
I forgot, but '05 was genuinely my 1992.

Top dj fronting what must be one of the best record labels of ALL TIME.

Maximum respect.

Footwurk Muziq

If you've not had this one on repeat for the last few weeks, then now's as good a time as any to get on it.

Absolutely essential 2010 listening from the Mu camp (finally, haha...).

Very strange ghetto trax coming straight outta Chicago.

Peerless next global hype sh*t??

Uuuuh, yea't might be!!!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Get Mad Again

And AGAIN from Rustie at Kode9's album launch in Brixton!!!

Lots of good grimey stuff in the mix, once again; old and new.

Big Bwoy DJ.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Caught Up In This Madness

Just remembered this one going off ARD during Rustie's set at the Affair.

Dangerous Match Part 3

On a bit of an obvious one here, but why not ey?

Lifted from one of my favourite records, this one's a golden oldie by the Scientist.

Match hype.

Man gets time off work too.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Shoe Gazer

And while we're on cover art - what about this new one from Vybz and some of the Gaza gang???

7" popped up on juno last Friday, out on the wonderful Tads records again [looks like it's a sell off already though - sorry!].

Just jokes. It's a good look too.


Throw that one straight backy

All over this one!!! Ooooooh yes!

I know nothing about the guy (bar the fact that his tracks have been popping up in many many sets recently), but here he's responsible for one of a whole bunch of UK Funky type tunes getting pressed at the moment that are absolutely doing it for me.

Track's stooped in sireynoldsybareawareofthenuumness from start to finish (...just look at the artwork!!! It's exactly like a Fantazia flyer circa 91 or something. I'm so on it) - diva vocals, ravey pads, bang-up-to-date UK funky-slinky rhythms, breaks 'n bass etc etc blah blah blah - but yea yea yea, what a wicked tune.

I'll whack this lil leftfielder up on ere too for now.

The release of this one isn't quite so out of the blue for me as I've been chasing a vinyl pressing of the track since the digi release of the full Roska!Roska!Roska! Rinse EP a while back. Got clued on to this tune when Warlock ran it right near the end on him and Noyeahno's show a few weeks back. Lit up the chat room like straight backy bizniz.

Rag & Bone show - pon the Sub FM every two weeks. Get to know.

Large UK bass sunshine stylezzzz, coming absolutely correct and just in time to get tings hype inna dance this summer.

Yes yes yes yes.

Monday, 21 June 2010

More Life

Four big vocals, one massive shiny sunshine ragga riddim.

Happy Monday.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Dances Are Changing

Played Kings College Affair in Cambridge this Wed night / Thurs morning for the first time. Very good sets from Rustie and Ikonika (standard), and some nice niche 'n grime from Mosca (even if he and Joy Orbison were grumpy f*cks when man stepped up for some chirpsin) and all in all it was a big big party. Well done Tom and the music boys pon the line up, serious.

But cuz - when you clear the floor by running tracks like these at 4 in the morn, you know the dances they are a changing - 4 manz left by 5am. Mad. Absolutely no one needed kicking out, and there was sure as shit no call for one more tune.

Where were all the mash men?? I used to live for the early morning dirt section. Man even bought 1h 30 of GABBA with, just in case.

Plus girls had overrun all of the loos by about 12am. Is this a meph thing or something??? I don't get it. Why is that happening? I'm all for equality, obviously, and I usually don't give a shit inna dance. But it just wasn't a ravey TAZ thing, this was stoops - it was a bunch of stush gals being loud and crass and watching you wee.

Getting patted on the back when you're pissing by shitloads of young girls is a massive par - truss me. They all demanded keys for cash like crackheads too. Not nice.

Ah well! They CERTAINLY din't run out of vodka ka ka this time, and I sunk 5 tinnies during our 1 hr set in the end, so man was feeling prretty dangerous by the end. Rrrruff!

Plus DJ Derek went ard. Ree-e-spect where respect is due for that man, seriously tuff booking.

Safe safe safe anyways!

As always - make sure to catch myself the Jambie alongside Ray Nulds tomoro on the InnaCity FM 4-6pm. The Red Stripe meets Red Rooster Uptown Pirate Sessions, rrrrunning the Voodoo down - bad manz on the waves every 2 weeks.

Get to know.

Hope to see you locky, and whatever you're doing have a wicked weekend.

Friday, 4 June 2010


Dates for your diary right ere.

Well, just stuff to do tomorrow really!

Catch ME (the jambie) on InnaCity FM this Saturday 5th June from 4-6pm GMT for the usual bi-weekly afternoon mashmaking session.

I'll be there alongside the Ray Nulds laying down the dopeness as per usual - and special guest this week SHOULD be Voodoo fam and tekno man like Arty bringing the Berghain vibes and doing the Villalobomicromacrohousey thing that he does to celebrate his impending immigration aus Berlin - if he gets back to me in time.

Later on you can catch I man running the Voodoo down again with the Man Make Music lot at the Star Of Bethnal Green for their World A Riddim night. I've got the early slot, and I'll be running straight up bashment for the early birds from 9 right through till 11pm. The other guys playing are wicked from what I've heard, so shouldy bad.

Elsewhaaa there's the FACT night tonight with a proper juke DJ coming down which should be large, and then you've got a wicked looking warehouse party (featuring my long time fave crew, the criminally underrated Yardcore boys) tomorrow - kicks off nice and early with a Ska-BQ (jokes).

Have a good one yo. Keep it bashy, and hope to see you locked / at the front.


Thursday, 3 June 2010

War In The Ghetto

It's all a bit nuts in Jamaica at the moment, with the death toll in and around Tivoli Gardens (important dancehall centre, and home of the Passa Passa parties) now climbing up to over 70 dead, and many more wounded as the hunt for Coke continues.

This being no time for the usual Gun Talk tunes that I whack up on here, I thought I'd put a nice new conscious one from the teacher up, which recently got a 7" pressing on the occasionally very excellent Tads.

My thoughts go out to the friends and relatives of those caught up in the violence.

Police and Thieves, in the streets
Scaring the nation with their guns and ammunition

All the crimes committed day by day

No one try to stop it in any way

All the peacemakers turn war officers
Hear what I say...'

Tribal War;
Tell ya that a serious something.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Trax from the Crypt

Last week's transmission of VoodooRadio from West London's finest InnaCity FM, now up on my mixcloud.

That's myself the Jambie djing gritty rave & boyment for the first and last bit, and that's me also slurring sh*t over Ray Nulds' funkitechystep slot in the middle.

As I say, we do this every two weeks...I reeeaaally enjoyed myself on this one.

Friday, 21 May 2010

City In Darkness

Wicked new tune from Kalbata - previous Warrior Queen collaborator and general big bwoy producer coming straight outta Israel.

As a quick and shameless plug; Catch me tomorrow on InnaCity FM (!) for my bi-weekly regular radio show alongside fellow VoodooRaver Ray Nulds .

4 till 6 pm GMT. Make sure you're locky!!

Happy Friday everybody. DO watch that buff weather, and have a nice weekend.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

XTC Shining Down On Me

It ain't nuttin but mo hot 92 sh*t.

Cyan get enough of these absolutely dope golden era pirate setzz!!!! Rave education right here. It's so nuts that they're all just sitting there online for free.

YouTube, ya bad!

This one's a clip from a 4hr Kool FM 1st Birthday special, with man like DJ Red Alert running down all the biggest tracks of the year. So you know you're in for a treat.

Catch a rush.

Smooth FM - pt.IV

Another one from the mothership.

Nice era this was. Lots of wicked new sounds coming through.

Mad sexy, bare funky.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Smooth FM - pt.III

Carrying on the series of broadcasts on all things sm00th, how about this one from manz like Pat Metheny & Co.

I could listen to that track over and over again - it just sounds so good.

To me there are echoes of all sorts of things to come in here.

Really nice music.

Boss DJ

Just some more Jah Mason love.

Happy Monday everybody.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Gimme A Moment

Just found this gem on YouTube.

Unfortunately can't find out anything about it, riddim, record label etc, but it is a great big tune.

Bless up Jah Mason, each and every.

Smooth FM - pt.II

Gots to be man like Grover Washington J.R-to-the-izzle up in here for the second of my very smooth instalments.

Quite a few of his early to mid 70s funkier stuff got sampled by Hip-Hop producers, which even at its hardest was still pretty damn laid back, but from there on things just kept getting smoother and smoother.

My favourite tune is probably a track called Paradise off his 1979 album of the same name. Starts off pretty f*cking mellow, and then actually gets knock out when that lick kicks in. Check it.

Man went on to play Sax on this track with man like Bill Withers, which did really well (and was later sampled by these boys).

Serious talent. In the words of one dude on YouTube; "this song makes people want to have sex."

Noice. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Smooth FM

'Come take me up tonight...Don't have another day, right?'

Following a friendly request, I'm going to do some posts on tunes that I rate from the smoother end of the Gullyside.

I'm really just in it for the originals - but the first tune might do well to have big man like Havoc (of Mobb Deep notoriety)'s seal of approval highlighted - really just to solidify the very real Ghetto cred behind these trax.

This one's from the mid 70s.

Above - Please note how Mr Connors makes that nautical ting look straight up gangsta.

Big man ting.

Good Times O RLY?

We love road. You love...kylie minogue???

Friday, 7 May 2010

Happy Ragga

Or maybe even, pop-y ragga??

It's certainly happening, and it's certainly different.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Robo Ragga

...furthering the previous post about a second digital age of ragga, how about this one from Busy ey???

Completely forgot to mention the total takeover of super hi tech autotune inna Dancehall, and the new voice of the Jamaican DJ...

You a lock down the place with ya waist,
You a move like sumtin from space.

Roots and phuture, raggamuffin style.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

"They tryn'a take the piss?!?!"

Probably the best of the release of the year so far. Surely.


Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Just serendipitously stumbled across this ere vintage '99 footage on YoutUbe of Links' first solo performance after leaving Bodyguard. He absolutely mashed up the place with a set that consisted nearly exclusively of Capleton dubs apparently, who was really very popular at the time.

This shit is proper - Just look at all the 45s! There's a big stack of em up on top of the booth, and then again at the end you can see piles of the things all around the Soundsystem. You just don't see that sort of thing anymore now do you...

(...not since 2002, apparently, when Canadian sound Rebel Tone won the World Clash by deliberately using CDs for various practical reasons. This ushered in a sort of second, post post 'Sleng Teng' digital era, or you could even say a 'Totally' digital era - one of instrument-less production in the studio followed by a digitally CDJd execution on stage. And it was a total takeover, the big sounds and selectors just stopped using vinyl completely. Before that it was strickly 7"s all round, even when the Japanese Mighty Crown sound won the same year as this, in 1999. Now that IS impressive. All very interesting, but anyway...Still all 7"s at a Jambie dance, thas for sure!)

Our man Fire Links is properly in amongst and down with the crowd in this one - it's a proper bashment massive.

Love it. How things done changed.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Rufige Beats

Ok, so I don't like to bone Simon Reynolds too hard and that - BUT I have been trying to ID this muthaf*cka that pops up in bay-arre weekend rush sets for about 6 months, and then last thursday I found it listed on blissblog as one of SR's glorious morning tunes.

And that is why I check with that blog every day.

Swear down, I'd actually given up all hope on finding this one! The funny thing is, it's not even that obscure, it's by Goldie on Reinforced. Will still set you back absolute dolla to bag on plastic.

All else aside though, this is one killer slice of just 4 u old skool london ardkore, and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I man.

Here it is in the mix. Catch a rrrush!!!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Cukoo k-kopped it

There's too much that I could say that's good and right about this 92 tune, so I'll just stick to saying that the best thing of all is that it's now in my record bag.

Great artwork to boot too.

Proper ardkore jungle tekno, dun know the koo...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Roots Man Time, London

Here's a quick post of some of the Roots & Reggae tunes that I'm feelin right now...

First up has to be this big one ere. Despite coming off Chimney Records' Movie Star Riddim, the single got a worldwide friendly pressing via JA Big Bwoys VP Records this February, which is always a quality stamp of approval. Took a little while to grow on me cos of the chorus, but man...I rate it now!

As ever with the mighty Queen Ifrica there's just too many nice smooth lil vocal hooks in it to ignore, and that old school stuttered telephone DADA DADA DA DA at the start gets me goin every time. Begs to be turned up nice and loud - Trrruss me!

Elsewhere I recently re-e-dicscovered these two by Sizzla and Busy Signal off Jukeboxx's Nylon Riddim. I've said these things many times before but it is ALWAYS nice to see Sizzla on his old fine form like this, and Busy voicing Reggae tunes just works for me SO WELL! Both a muss for cruisin about in the hot weather (isn't it nice!?!).

*Bigger than usual post alert*

Here are three VERY sweet ones to round it up.

This one from Gyptian is getting heavy heavy support from just about every reggae selector even vaguely in the know at the moment for all the right reasons. Many a dutty Friday morning post-'Hot Wuk meets Costcutter 24hr Food & Wine Uptown' has been made much much better by dis one on the YoutTube.

And finally deeeezzz two from new 'uns Sophia Squire and Chris Martin are very VERY large. Yes I!!!!!

So there you go. The new soundtrack to your 'Spring's here at last' sunshine days.

Big up ya chests each and everyone who made it down to The Princess Alice for Voodoo Rave on Friday. So nice to see so many familiar faces crowding up the place, and despite nearly everything that could have gone wrong with the venue going, well...well wrong, the vibe was der.

Next time you'll all get music at volumes you can 'ave a dance to.

And that's a promise.

Nuff love to all of ya. Bless up.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

How We Do Dis Voodoo Do...

Right, it's Voodoo Rave in Shoreditch tomorrow, so obviously I'm shitting myself.

Set-wise I'm standardly bare hyped about every tune goin in the bag, BUT just to top things off; i gots Tuffff 'Fu*ky-ting' Africa in the post today, bagged one of the High(Tek) Volume VIPs that went for sale very briefly on Juno t'other day, found this pretty little picture disk (via the Rag&Bone show...biiiiggguuupppss), caught the launch of this ere Killa P sealed muthaf*cker on monday aaaand managed to finally cop one' a theeese on 180g plastic which should be comin in tomorrow morning.


So yea, dem nah reeaaddddyy. Bassically.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

It's a Holidaaaay!

Yea yea yea, it's time for a mutha f f f f f*cking four day weekend rudebwoys!

If you're around London I'll be reaching the LAST EVER of Heatwave's HOT WUK nights (oh my dizzle, well think I only missed three or four...) tonight on Brick lane, i.e.

Keep it nice, and wishing you all a Totally Tropical Thursday and an Irie Easter weekend.

Safe safe safe safe safe.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Don't wanna see me get Weevil

Mysterious and inticing new release from some Hard Wax affiliates. Don't know shit all about it, but the two A-sides are hard as hell. A2 even features the good ol' 'Babylon shall fall' Rockers sample, all fucked up and grizzly.

I'm all over it.

Very limited pressings apparently, so don't cop and it might come back to bug you. Lol.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Big Queen Business

Dis one's lifted from the new Bare Foot Business 12", starring Stereotyp on the buttons alongside the ever wonderful Warrior Queen.

Anyone that dun know how this ting goes oughtta be very excited.
Straight cop...Come payday.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Drive-By FM

Jambie now I-fficially regulating on West London's Inna City FM each and every Saturday from 4-6pm.

Manz just so incredibly on road now, you dibby dibby dun know.
Hope to catch some of you gyals 'n gyallists locked yea.


Friday, 19 March 2010

Acres of Potatoes

Thhis is definitely the best new Sizzla track that I've heard in ages - and it's not even new. It's like two years old!

Copped it anyway.

Check this space for Jambie up pon di Voodoo Ray-dio very soon...


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