Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Nuff said. Fanx Heatwave for the tip off.

Mµst See!!!

BTW - Mike Paradinas' mixcloud is a f*cking goldmine.

Have you seen this one???
I forgot, but '05 was genuinely my 1992.

Top dj fronting what must be one of the best record labels of ALL TIME.

Maximum respect.

Footwurk Muziq

If you've not had this one on repeat for the last few weeks, then now's as good a time as any to get on it.

Absolutely essential 2010 listening from the Mu camp (finally, haha...).

Very strange ghetto trax coming straight outta Chicago.

Peerless next global hype sh*t??

Uuuuh, yea't might be!!!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Get Mad Again

And AGAIN from Rustie at Kode9's album launch in Brixton!!!

Lots of good grimey stuff in the mix, once again; old and new.

Big Bwoy DJ.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Caught Up In This Madness

Just remembered this one going off ARD during Rustie's set at the Affair.


Dangerous Match Part 3

On a bit of an obvious one here, but why not ey?

Lifted from one of my favourite records, this one's a golden oldie by the Scientist.

Match hype.

Man gets time off work too.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Shoe Gazer

And while we're on cover art - what about this new one from Vybz and some of the Gaza gang???

7" popped up on juno last Friday, out on the wonderful Tads records again [looks like it's a sell off already though - sorry!].

Just jokes. It's a good look too.


Throw that one straight backy

All over this one!!! Ooooooh yes!

I know nothing about the guy (bar the fact that his tracks have been popping up in many many sets recently), but here he's responsible for one of a whole bunch of UK Funky type tunes getting pressed at the moment that are absolutely doing it for me.

Track's stooped in sireynoldsybareawareofthenuumness from start to finish (...just look at the artwork!!! It's exactly like a Fantazia flyer circa 91 or something. I'm so on it) - diva vocals, ravey pads, bang-up-to-date UK funky-slinky rhythms, breaks 'n bass etc etc blah blah blah - but yea yea yea, what a wicked tune.

I'll whack this lil leftfielder up on ere too for now.

The release of this one isn't quite so out of the blue for me as I've been chasing a vinyl pressing of the track since the digi release of the full Roska!Roska!Roska! Rinse EP a while back. Got clued on to this tune when Warlock ran it right near the end on him and Noyeahno's show a few weeks back. Lit up the chat room like straight backy bizniz.

Rag & Bone show - pon the Sub FM every two weeks. Get to know.

Large UK bass sunshine stylezzzz, coming absolutely correct and just in time to get tings hype inna dance this summer.

Yes yes yes yes.

Monday, 21 June 2010

More Life

Four big vocals, one massive shiny sunshine ragga riddim.

Happy Monday.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Dances Are Changing

Played Kings College Affair in Cambridge this Wed night / Thurs morning for the first time. Very good sets from Rustie and Ikonika (standard), and some nice niche 'n grime from Mosca (even if he and Joy Orbison were grumpy f*cks when man stepped up for some chirpsin) and all in all it was a big big party. Well done Tom and the music boys pon the line up, serious.

But cuz - when you clear the floor by running tracks like these at 4 in the morn, you know the dances they are a changing - 4 manz left by 5am. Mad. Absolutely no one needed kicking out, and there was sure as shit no call for one more tune.

Where were all the mash men?? I used to live for the early morning dirt section. Man even bought 1h 30 of GABBA with, just in case.

Plus girls had overrun all of the loos by about 12am. Is this a meph thing or something??? I don't get it. Why is that happening? I'm all for equality, obviously, and I usually don't give a shit inna dance. But it just wasn't a ravey TAZ thing, this was stoops - it was a bunch of stush gals being loud and crass and watching you wee.

Getting patted on the back when you're pissing by shitloads of young girls is a massive par - truss me. They all demanded keys for cash like crackheads too. Not nice.

Ah well! They CERTAINLY din't run out of vodka ka ka this time, and I sunk 5 tinnies during our 1 hr set in the end, so man was feeling prretty dangerous by the end. Rrrruff!

Plus DJ Derek went ard. Ree-e-spect where respect is due for that man, seriously tuff booking.

Safe safe safe anyways!

As always - make sure to catch myself the Jambie alongside Ray Nulds tomoro on the InnaCity FM 4-6pm. The Red Stripe meets Red Rooster Uptown Pirate Sessions, rrrrunning the Voodoo down - bad manz on the waves every 2 weeks.

Get to know.

Hope to see you locky, and whatever you're doing have a wicked weekend.

Friday, 4 June 2010


Dates for your diary right ere.

Well, just stuff to do tomorrow really!

Catch ME (the jambie) on InnaCity FM this Saturday 5th June from 4-6pm GMT for the usual bi-weekly afternoon mashmaking session.

I'll be there alongside the Ray Nulds laying down the dopeness as per usual - and special guest this week SHOULD be Voodoo fam and tekno man like Arty bringing the Berghain vibes and doing the Villalobomicromacrohousey thing that he does to celebrate his impending immigration aus Berlin - if he gets back to me in time.

Later on you can catch I man running the Voodoo down again with the Man Make Music lot at the Star Of Bethnal Green for their World A Riddim night. I've got the early slot, and I'll be running straight up bashment for the early birds from 9 right through till 11pm. The other guys playing are wicked from what I've heard, so shouldy bad.

Elsewhaaa there's the FACT night tonight with a proper juke DJ coming down which should be large, and then you've got a wicked looking warehouse party (featuring my long time fave crew, the criminally underrated Yardcore boys) tomorrow - kicks off nice and early with a Ska-BQ (jokes).

Have a good one yo. Keep it bashy, and hope to see you locked / at the front.


Thursday, 3 June 2010

War In The Ghetto

It's all a bit nuts in Jamaica at the moment, with the death toll in and around Tivoli Gardens (important dancehall centre, and home of the Passa Passa parties) now climbing up to over 70 dead, and many more wounded as the hunt for Coke continues.

This being no time for the usual Gun Talk tunes that I whack up on here, I thought I'd put a nice new conscious one from the teacher up, which recently got a 7" pressing on the occasionally very excellent Tads.

My thoughts go out to the friends and relatives of those caught up in the violence.

Police and Thieves, in the streets
Scaring the nation with their guns and ammunition

All the crimes committed day by day

No one try to stop it in any way

All the peacemakers turn war officers
Hear what I say...'

Tribal War;
Tell ya that a serious something.

yasmin lawsuit