Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hardcore Ragga

Look at this little gem I just found on the same riddim as Buju's beyond notorious early 90s 'no homo' anthem Boom Bye Bye.

I've always liked Mad Cobra for this classic piece of hardcore ragga, from way back in 1990, so it's nice to see that the man was / is able to spit on gyal tunes too (without straying too far from a good all, really).

Was lucky enough to catch a whole show of old skool JA riddims on one of the London pirates recently (not sure which one - I'm usually pretty good with patois, but this selector's accent was deep and the signal wasn't amazing), which moved me enough to dig out some of the old compilations and rusty 45s that I've got kicking about from back when.

Well worth it. That a bad boy stuff.

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