Thursday, 23 September 2010

Suspiricious Mixes

The most recent Voodoo Radio broadcast is also now up on me mixcloud page.

Features an exclusive guest mix from UKFunky bashline masta and long time Voodoo fam DJ Frankly Sikk, as well as the usual bizzle from Ray Nulds and I man.

Couple of those Squires exclusives in there too.

I had big fun.

Promoting Scorpion Thingz

As a quick plug, just thought I'd let it be known that I'm doing promo for the forthcoming Squire of Gothos album.

It's called We Do Scorpion Thingz, and all the track previews are now up on soundcloud.

The album's out 11th October on the mighty Rag & Bone records and features no less than 13 DJ friendly bangers of exactly the type you'd expect from our boyz the Squires - with tracks ranging from deep, dark and nasty to full on nutty bassline rave.

Well worth the dolla if you ask me!!!

Plz feel free to go check em out ; )

Itz Not Rite...

...just how on point Planet Mu are being in 2k10.

Bangs & Works comes out December 6th, and will be the 4th Modern Juke / Footwork release for the label in just 4 months.

That means that by the close of this year a UK label will be responsible for the release of nearly 80 of this odd thread of Chicago Ghetto House's best trax to date.

The guys deserve mad props for the two ultra dark RP Boo numbers on the compilation alone (the man who was apparently the founding father of the sound), but all 25 of the tunes included here are absolute killers - many being personal favourites of mine from the few mixtapes and radio sets that I've been able to get my hands on since my initial exposure to the sound via Mike Muziq's mixcloud page earlier this year.

Be excited.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Flava 4 (Post-)Raver

Where the f*ck did this one come from???????????

Straight up darkside bizzle here, as ex-Roll Deep man Wonder meets one member of my personal favourite late night MNML Deep House n' Tech presenters on Rinse, the Clairvoyants, deep deep deeeep in the underground.

Sounds a bit like Raffertie's very wicked 7th Dimension gone darkside.

Reminiscent of darksteppers Current Value & Cooh's recentish dystopian dubstep efforts...but, well, odder?

Nice to see Wonder continuuming to keep it real.

12" out today on juno.

Monday, 13 September 2010

The Voice Of An Angel

Our man Brian En/mo getting in on the scenius of auto-tune (in a terribly un-urban way) back in 06ish - claiming that everyone's favourite Antares vocal tool creates a sound that he believes to be something like, 'the voice of an angel.'

...meanwhile, in Jamaica.

In all fairness to the man though, what he's saying slots in really nicely with my robo ragga / predator is out there thing that I've talked about a bit before with NUU-ragga.

'It's possible to do things with voices that you couldn't do in the past...If you over-use it, the voice stops sounding human...that machine creates a new person...a person who could never exist in real life.

You're taking a machine that existed to solve a problem, but using it to make something that nobody ever thought about making.'

Jungle tekno(logy).

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Music For Me

How much am I listening to this at the moment???

More so than Apollo for a change, actually.

Highlights for me at the minute definitely inclus this one, this one and THIS one, but it's all good really. His ambient albums pretty much set the standard - i reckon.

Perfect for the rainy days (and nights) of late.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lickle Man Ting

Vintage 1986 footage of Beenie Man absolutely runnin tings at the tender age of 13 - check that fast chat out!!!

That particular style of Djing was very popular amongst UK Dancehall artists for a while in the 80s - right through into jungle too I guess.

Anyways, Beenie sounds wicked. Here's another one of his from a few years before, when he was only 10. Bwoy started off as young as 5 apparently, because his uncle ran a sound system.

Don't wanna sound like a d*ck, but f*ck Justin Bieber fam. That is young.

Big man. If anyone can gimme an ID on the riddim I'll give them a prize...

Monday, 6 September 2010

Welcome To My Nightmare...

Most recent radio show's now up on mixcloud.

This one was wicked - proper personal set for youns with a couple of my all time favourites in there, as well as a bit of sloppy scratching and some seriously heavy plundering of this ere classic Fulci flick for CD samples.

We got to play for 3 hours in the end so I got a good 25+ trax in!!!

Very fun.

Left all the Juke at home this week, but here's some bits that I'm feelin on the YoutUbe atm ennit.

Probably going to get some old friends down for the next one, so hold tight anyone that's been following this Voodoo ting for a while cos it should be a laugh.

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