Tuesday, 26 October 2010


...something off quickly. For those of you that have been checking here recently - my apologies. I've been really quite busy recently.

Big tings this week though (!) as I've got my first gig in TIME alongside the Ray Nulds this Saturday at the Social, as well as the usual bi-monthly Innacity FM slot from 4-6 pm same day.

30th October's the day - hope to see you ALL locked / there.

En plus, also very excitingly...

VOODOO Rave is unexcpectedly BACK in itz OriGinal endz on the 26th November at Ze Fountain in good 'ol Cambridge!!!

More info to follow - but I'm aiming to bung a super spooky mix up on ere soon, so you can all get your masks and joss sticks out, grab yourself a tin of cider and get on a hype ting.

Oh yeees, and on a Rag & Bone tip les Squires are topping the juno bassline download chart for the second week running (HYPE!) so yeeeaaa yeeaa yeaaa.

Oh yea, and I'm on Twitter doing the promo too for dat now.

Safe, safe, safe.


"Let the madness begin..."

 ...roll up, roll up!!!!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Bass(mental) Culture

Ok - so maybe some of the keener jampie followers out there will remember my post on Arthur ' Artwork' Smith ('Energy Nush' Feb 2010) of [now uber-succesful] Magnetic Man fame alongside Skream and Benga, and how he was previously also in mashman dark / future garage outfit Menta alongside one of the guys from speed garage b-line bwoys 187 Lockdown and DnD Productions, who was also building tracks back as far as 1992 - right???

Yea well, turns out our boy Arthur's been on the scene from back in the day as well - releasing super dark n' menacing first wave MNML tekno back in the mid 90s as on half of AJ Sound [as featured alongside many other ARD 90s trax on this week's rrridiculous Retrospective Rag & Bone show on Sub FM].

Out to Warlock for the spot.

Man's certainly getting his P's due now.

NUUMS FLASH - Interesting point here on the role of 'accesibility' and its importance in an established dance music scene ----> people like Katy B's current ab(use) in pop / grime here at the beginning of the [teens?]10's (via Benga / Benga vox) and some of the biggest electronic chart hits at the start of the 00s (Fragma / Fragma vox).

What u call it?



Monday, 11 October 2010


Monday's screwed.

It's a new ting. Why not?!!?

Flex Nexx Hype !!!


Mp3 release of the Squires' debut is out TODAY via Rag & Bone records on all the usual channels (junodownload, boomkat etc).

Any blogging types reading this that are keen to represent very very loud and proud ponline, get following me on Twitter @JackRagandBone and DM me for a token that's worth one free full length 320 mp3.

Don't say me never did a warn ya.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

All Of My Soldiers Four 2 tha Floor

Just to point your eyes towards this new one up on mixcloud by Voodoo fam franklysick.


Lots of good stuff - manz got the niche ting nailed!

Respect where respect's due.

yasmin lawsuit