Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Monday, 23 May 2011

That Living Feeling

Following on from the mention of the Jeffersons in my previous post.

Particularly fond memories of this track. Absolutely love it.

That's The Dead's very own Jerry G on guitar noodles as well there that is, just so you know.

When I first got the CD of 'Surrealistic Airplane' as a teen I remember being very shocked that Marty actually sung on most tracks on the album (their famous tracks are all Grace Slick's efforts...Somebody To Love, White Rabbit).

I think that the Marty love ballads vs Grace's over-sexualised rock outs on tracks and on stage were what lead the band to split up in the end. Glanced somewhere, but definitely worth checking up on.

I remember making everyone sit down and watch this video from their Woodstock performance the morning after my 17th birthday party (that I'd spent hours downloading off kazaa or something, pre-YouTube...Yea I know, right?!?).

Big tunes from party night itself included this, this and most definitely this. Not nearly so retro, though I do believe I did in fact get an acoustic bass as well as a Tim Buckley album present-wise.

I think it's fairly well documented that they were a fantastic live act, although I haven't seen much mention of it on the web.

This Jimi bit constanly gets wheeled as your defining Woodstock moment, and music-crit-wise surely The Stooges, Stones and Doors were your ones not to have missed back then, surely?

All very rightly so as well. Good times.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Cloudy Headed

I really like this. Surpisingly apt video pic by our YouTube uploader too! It is just a very UK take on sunny US psychedelia a la los Jeffersons etc isn't it, I guess (making it cloudy, vibe and lyircswise...)? If you want to look at it that way.

Nice and moody.

Lots of 60s UK psych tunes are about the sky actually. That or staring at walls (and both actually, check both "Sky Of Plaster" and the Gods' track).

Plenty of songs are about absolutely nothing mind you. Probably my favourite ones.

I suppose it's quite safe to blame it on the drugs really. All subject matters covered nicely. Different hippies in different places lying around staring at things.

Not a bad thing that though, mind you.

3 Three Six Mafias

Been listening to quite a bit of these guys this week.

They just love getting high! Think that their early stuff's probably their best. Apart from 'Stay High' ovvies, and 'Sippin.' Didn't realise that they used to have a girl on board either, she's great!

And Michael 'Swishahouse' Watts does their chopping & screwing.

Dark name for a hip hop clik innit.

Joey Joe Joe!

Cheese & Peas / State Of Emergency

I wonder if Coki will get an "Unreleased Dubs" style release in 5 years time or so (once this ridiculous DMZ nostalgia dies down a little maybe...).

That would be good.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Killed It / Hardchive Bizzle

Also, for any of those that missed it HERE is the archive for the Voodoo Radio Bassline special on the Innacity FM show a few weeks ago ft. Sheffield's own J69 Productions!

Obviously the man killed it dead, and it was sick having him down. Any time you fancy coming down again mate!

Big up the mixcloud lot each and every for hosting our now fatty amount of archive shows up there, and a MASSIVE big up to the man like Blackmass Plastics on favouriting the dam fing! Ya a BIG MAN!

To return the favour, here's a cheeky plug for some of his new bits up on Soundcloud. Plenty of very deep and dark dirt up there, including a free d/l that's already maxing 83 grabs! So don't sleep!


Enjoy the sunshine, and a very irie Friday to you all.

A Great Day For Dub(step)


I know shit all about this label, though as far as I can tell it has a lot to do with Kromestar / could well be his.

From out of absolutely flippin nowhere a whole back cat's worth of stuff just popped up on the Boomkat downloads page, and it's great.

If you can't be arsed to sift through it all (well, shame on you!) but just search for 'Shot Of Patrone' by Kromestar or 'Beast' by Hatcha and you'll get the idea. Proper FWD thinking stuff (all the old CR2 heads involved here - Skream, Cyrus, Hijack etc).

Looks like the aformentioned Kromey tune got a vinyl press last year, of which there are a very few TP copies kicking around online. Unfortunately I'm too skint to discogs it, and I'm sure I'd be the only breh running it on wax these days anyhow - so straight to the Boomkat download cart and too blessed to stress!

Dive in and take a walk down memory lane. I'm sure I've skanked to a fair few of these bastids over the years.

Keep jumping (2011).

Monday, 2 May 2011


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