Monday, 30 November 2009

Chant Down Babylon

Heard this one get alot of love on London Pirate Platinum FM yesterday.

Too many man to mention on board(Sizzla, Assassin, Chuck Fenda etc) but the 'Neva see di sign woi' bit on Queen Ifrica's tune's got me glued.

I reckon Assassin sounds wicked on roots tunes, always like seeing him or Busy Signal crop up (like on this one with our man Busy and Morgan Heritage) . Get me?

Sizzla sounds good with a lil autotune too.

Big riddim.

Friday, 27 November 2009


Yea here's my new mix up on mixdcloud.

Sounds of the weekend rush!

Just to get you on a hype ting here's some vintage remarc from back in day on Weekend Rush 92.5fm.

Found the original of the acen tune at 6.22. It's too much. Makes my hairs stand up on end.

I want you every day...

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Reaching out to all the nice and reasonable people!

Uuuhh, fairly obvious hats off to one person who knows exactly who they are for this one but check THIS out.

More of that please from everyone.

Stagga's on a mad ting. Him & Monkey, if they're even different people. Most dubstep producers are pissing me off at the moment, but not him. Man's got a tune called LSD user on youtube LOLLL. Fuckin heavy. Bad bad bad hardcore dance music.

(...AHEM, lest i forget. I'm not a hater BUT - distance, skream, benga, supa d et al at matter doing the rinse fwd last friday. Buttaz. All I wanted was too many man and are you gona bang doe and instead everyone played rusko sounding shit and deep batty house. I was bare pissed and not to be trusted on exactly what happened tbh, but still. I know that shit when i hear it. Not like oneman, he slewed it. Fit. And Brockie fucking murked it too. Original ruffnek KoolFM bizniz. SalUUTE!!)


Llow the boyment cuz...

Alright i've been boying this blog too hard for too long. Had to get it re-activated and everything...

Anyways. Whatever. The war is back on.

Gona try and post heavy stuff on the regular this time round.

Been crate digging bare these last few months, so for any non-believers / ardcore is bare overhyped wasssstemen out there here's some '92 business here that kills it dead.

And one for the junglists from 93 that's a fucking rinse out.

This is worth a read on blissblog if you've got 8 hours to spare. Think it's what Kode9's got a degree in. Pretty fucking weird.

Hopefully that's just bought your ears, and you'll come check back again soon.
If anyone fancies doing me a huge favour could they plz let me know the name of that punky hardcore sounding tune that's on PWBC alot at the moment???? It's got a Black Sabbath riff in it. I think it sounds sick.

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