Friday, 9 January 2009

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  1. I actually just stumbled across the video as I was starting to make the blog. For me it's really refreshing to find tracks like this. They've got that energy and mysticism that first got me into dancehall. It's all very primitive and visceral stuff, really makes your spine tingle. Especially compared to the very america-friendly vocoder based tunes people like Mavado and Vybz Kartel are pushing at the moment. I know that's all cool and I dig it very much, but like when I first heard that Frisco Kid tune I nearly shat myself. BOOM BOOM! Jesus Christ! In Determine's bit I love the way he gets out of prison and then straight away just rushes into a big crowd of rastas to get absolutely bruk out. Look at him smiling and jumping about! Absolutely amazing! I wanna be there! No one in this video is there to fuck about, and there's like a million people in it. That last giant panning shot should be an inspiration to any aspiring dj or promoter i say, cos that dance got fucking VIBES.
    Anywaaa-yyy, I think it's makes for a solid enough rock of a foundation upon which I intend to build this ere site...Better know.



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