Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Energy Nush

Ok, so basically I was listening to dis ere tune in a mix by my bwoy over in the Orient (DJ Frankly Sick yea, get to know. Shout outs for the link up fam. Sound's absolutely ON POINT and I shall have a mix up on ere really very soon!) and I thought, who the fuck was behind the buttons for this one?!?! What an incredible chunk of future fuckery, it can't just be some one off faceless 12"...No no no.

Well, turns out it isn't. Artwork's an alias for Arthur Smith.

As well as recently producing alongside Skream & Benga as Magnetic Man (remember this one?) , our man was part of top 4x4 garage badboys D'n'D productions and, most excitingly, one half of The Sound Of The Future UKG / proto-dubsteppin act that was Menta.

And who did Arthur produce with in Menta?? Well it was only Danny Harrsion aka one half of seminal speed garage gunmanz 187 Muthafuckin Lockdown. Get me?!?! Turns out he's been doing this ting from day, even releasing house tunes as far back as 1991 to 19-flippin-92!

Now that is alot. The talent on display here is.just.mind.boggling.

How long before one of these bwoys put out some Future Funky, ey?!!?

I bet it's not gona be long...

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