Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Smooth FM - pt.II

Gots to be man like Grover Washington J.R-to-the-izzle up in here for the second of my very smooth instalments.

Quite a few of his early to mid 70s funkier stuff got sampled by Hip-Hop producers, which even at its hardest was still pretty damn laid back, but from there on things just kept getting smoother and smoother.

My favourite tune is probably a track called Paradise off his 1979 album of the same name. Starts off pretty f*cking mellow, and then actually gets knock out when that lick kicks in. Check it.

Man went on to play Sax on this track with man like Bill Withers, which did really well (and was later sampled by these boys).

Serious talent. In the words of one dude on YouTube; "this song makes people want to have sex."

Noice. Enjoy.

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