Wednesday, 24 November 2010

All Sowed Up

If you were wondering what's been going on musically in the world of jampie most recently, the answer's two words really.

Swishahouse mixtapes (via Spotify) - I suggest y'all get on em.

It's all quality stuff, but there's something very special about OG Ron C's Fuck Action series; chopped & screwed versions of R&B tracks. He's an absolutely wicked DJ, and there's even a version of Prince's 'Purple Rain' on one of em. The slightly wider known Chamillionaire even pops his head up every now and then on F Action 37.5 (yes, there really are loads), which is aptly named Tha Morning After.

Pretty sexy stuff.

Mike Joooonneesss is probably my fave vocalist of the bunch, drunk or screwed. Check these bars out;

'Purple drink I'm a drip n' sip,
Anything illegal you know I'll flip.
 I'll roll slow with my pistol grip,
Diamonds shinin below my lip.'

Says it all really. Even worth the always annoying ads (any Spotify free users out there ready to shell out P's to stop em yet? I'm getting there, but not quite yet...).

You know wha'm talkin bout.

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