Thursday, 14 April 2011

I dun a rassclart dance

Interesting little rap to gloom up your Thursday over at Little White Ear Buds about the current dire state of electronic music as well as the industry.

Little link here -

This section in particular I thought murked it;

"...lost in a flood of irrelevant, crappy music and the feeling that others had more fun before (hence the retro obsession in today’s music). The total de-motivation doesn’t manifest itself only in the musicians’ under achievements, but also in the annoyance of everybody else. A frustrated DJ plays lame tunes in front of people bored to tears. That’s the average event out there. Alternatively, a collective nostalgia for some era of “old days” prevails. Everyone keeps doing the same thing out of the fear that the slightest deviation from the norm will scare away the small remaining, yet patient audience who goes along because of a lack of alternatives..."

The title of the post has nothing to do with this really. It was lifted from some sick bars from a radio rip up on my new favourite mixcloud user Daily241's profile. Holding it down 4 the UK grime scene over there in Osaka JP. Your time cuzzy.

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