Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Butterz & Hardrive @ Cable

So basically, Elijah was nice enough to sort us out with a free pair of tickets for Butterz & Hardrive at Cable the other week to do a review.

Sweet - Butterz is the label. You all already know.

Was very excited getting there as had been meaning to check out cable for a bit, and managed to get a bunch of mates together to go all of whom had not been out together for ages which was great! The line up was looking hype enough already, but then got there AND...

P left the room!

Not that I don't rate him, but - DIRRR TEE TEEE!!! Even more exciting? I think yes.

Set up worked very well inside. Funky in room 2 with a massive bar, and nuff grime in room 1. First time I heard this classic tune for a start. And this one appeared to be the antem for the funky guys atm, which I fully back.

Needless to say, the whole night was pretty sick. D Double was obviously fucking fun. Blacks jumped on the decks at some point (literally, not DJ wise), and I'm fairly sure Trim was about which was unannounced. Bruza smacked it too.

Shit starts getting a little hazy later on, but my mate from Hackney apparently went to Church with Elijah Butterz so they were chatting bare, desperados was pricey but v effective, and Kode9 was on suprisingly late @ like 5am.

He killed it doe.

1 unlicenced taxi ride back to Vauxhall, some SERIOUS CAR-AOKE with my man Sam the driver and a whole one of deeezzz as standard and it was all over.

Fanx all Butterz / Hardrive crew for having us down. Reet old knees up to the soundtrack of some seriously sick and very polished contemporary grime / house / urban London music.

Big up Elijah, Skilliam, Terror Danjah, Royal T, Hard House Banton, Champion, Swindle and all of the rest of the DJs that made this a night not to forget.

Srsly looking forward to the next one...

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