Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Where were we in '03??

Smart, dark and edgy places...

When was Planet Mu's Amµnition release, '04? (Yes).

I have tried in vain many times to find a Hawerchuk mix from around then. I don’t think it’s at all sad to admit that I would really really like to know what it is that he would have been playing out back then. He was the the first guy on Planet Mu to run anything garage-y as far as I can see...Boomkat termed it sublow at the time…

Perhaps it was just grime & more grime to bangface types? Makes sense. I was amongst their ranks, be it as a young’un, and I for one absolutely lapped it up. I remember hearing Chav & Dave play some 'un-chavvy' non-mc grime & super-low end slow as slow dubstep in Summer '05 supporting Venetian Snares on a biggy soundsystem, and it blew my sox off. Proper life changing stuff. I for one certainly went on to get decks a few months later with the sole intention of playing any stuff I could find what sounded like Vex’d …

Shitmat's Gary's Gruesome UKG tune was originally written in '03 but didn't get pressed till Virus Syndicate and Benga etc were getting releases...I'm really hoping that now badboy junglist Bizzy B's been on Planet Mu for a while running his really old hardcore stuff, his Beatfreaks & Second Protocol back catalogue might one day see an 'unreleased dubs' style release...TOBACCO = very very DOPE 4x4, trust me. Same time, '04 I think. He did tings with DJ Luck & MC Neat don't ya know!

Man like top blogger Gutterbreakz, as well as being a real key component in breaking lots of the heads in the dubstep and grime scene online around then, alongside barefiles & dubstepforum etc, was as Mu obsessed as me back in 2005 it would seem.
As such, I would like to hear his spin on this period of English electronic music - referring to his first (?) blog published and near 99% Planet Mu based virtual dj mix as he does, as being " own little stand against the mainstream/corporate whores. This is the music I believe in. This is the culture I side with").

There was some kind of very cool Zeitgeist floating about anyway- and actually having been in Croydon for large chunks of that time, I can safely say that it wasn't leading to anywhere geographically, but rather purely sonically - to the dubstep XXXplosion that was fun as fuck.

So if you have a tendency to be fashion hating Amµnition-leaning oldy like me, then hype about funky n wonky just ain't ever gona be the same as 06 hype about dubstep...It's big, but it don't feel like no paradigm shift like it used to.

Annoyingly, now I'm big boy enough to mix me Hawerchuk choons in wiv me grime and 4x4 feel really cool and clever about myself, it's 2009, and the 'Mu-sublow '04' boom has more than come and gone - and I wasn't behind the decks...

But I am now, and I consider my sets very much representative of this same vibe. Which is why I need to put one up. Oops.

BIG UPS - I'd like to give a shout out to all the 2003-06 skankers - all massive and all crew that were on that crossover buzz. BIG big big big up yourselves each and every time all the heads at Planet Mu most of all (Vex'd & Hawerchuk in particular...), for laying it down and playing it out. Gooooooood times!

((P.P.P.S...The original 12" of of Camel Toes / Caned Peas is still available on Boomkat for like £6 - And Grim Dubs 5. That's madness, they should have been snatched up in seconds - even if they are re-re-re-presses or whatever.

Blistering scatty sublow etc.

Essssssential purchasesss - see above)).

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