Thursday, 26 November 2009

Llow the boyment cuz...

Alright i've been boying this blog too hard for too long. Had to get it re-activated and everything...

Anyways. Whatever. The war is back on.

Gona try and post heavy stuff on the regular this time round.

Been crate digging bare these last few months, so for any non-believers / ardcore is bare overhyped wasssstemen out there here's some '92 business here that kills it dead.

And one for the junglists from 93 that's a fucking rinse out.

This is worth a read on blissblog if you've got 8 hours to spare. Think it's what Kode9's got a degree in. Pretty fucking weird.

Hopefully that's just bought your ears, and you'll come check back again soon.
If anyone fancies doing me a huge favour could they plz let me know the name of that punky hardcore sounding tune that's on PWBC alot at the moment???? It's got a Black Sabbath riff in it. I think it sounds sick.

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