Thursday, 26 November 2009

Reaching out to all the nice and reasonable people!

Uuuhh, fairly obvious hats off to one person who knows exactly who they are for this one but check THIS out.

More of that please from everyone.

Stagga's on a mad ting. Him & Monkey, if they're even different people. Most dubstep producers are pissing me off at the moment, but not him. Man's got a tune called LSD user on youtube LOLLL. Fuckin heavy. Bad bad bad hardcore dance music.

(...AHEM, lest i forget. I'm not a hater BUT - distance, skream, benga, supa d et al at matter doing the rinse fwd last friday. Buttaz. All I wanted was too many man and are you gona bang doe and instead everyone played rusko sounding shit and deep batty house. I was bare pissed and not to be trusted on exactly what happened tbh, but still. I know that shit when i hear it. Not like oneman, he slewed it. Fit. And Brockie fucking murked it too. Original ruffnek KoolFM bizniz. SalUUTE!!)


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