Tuesday, 26 January 2010

"The Dead Past"

Yea, I'm just getting into Sun Ra, properly. This is mainly due to my reading of this. This here song off 1967's Atlantis by the man with his Astro-Inifinity Arkestra focuses mainly around his clavinet 'Solar Sound Instrument.' This shit is the very definition of next.

Earth people hear this warning;

"The civilizations of the past have been used as the foundation of the civilization of today. Because of this, the world keeps looking toward the past for guidance. Too many people are following the past. In this new space age, this is dangerous. The past is DEAD and those, who are following the past are doomed to die and be like the past. It is no accident that those who die are said to have passed since those who have PASSED are PAST."

Space is the Place.

Get to know.

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