Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sound Of The Pirates

I was YoutTube cruisin and found some good stuff.

Trim and Roachee on Rinse last year. Class. Some classic bars in there ("..I'm shankin, watch man skank when I'm ere...don't ramp I'll ball your whole camp when I'm ere.." HYPPPEE, roachee's out the bin! And the desert eagle fast chat Trim often does. Raaates it.).

Frisco, Flowdan and a bunch of others, also from last year. Late last year I think. Everyone's on fire. Well worth a pree. Part 2 is jokes, there's some good skeng man chattin. And a sick but not-AT-ALL-niche-NOR-funky-jus-grime-with-pitched-up-vocals DJ Q riddim.

Very nice. Well worth your ears.
Locked in, locked on. If a little bit late.

" flow's tighter than jeans on a emo."

<3 grime.

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