Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Just serendipitously stumbled across this ere vintage '99 footage on YoutUbe of Links' first solo performance after leaving Bodyguard. He absolutely mashed up the place with a set that consisted nearly exclusively of Capleton dubs apparently, who was really very popular at the time.

This shit is proper - Just look at all the 45s! There's a big stack of em up on top of the booth, and then again at the end you can see piles of the things all around the Soundsystem. You just don't see that sort of thing anymore now do you...

(...not since 2002, apparently, when Canadian sound Rebel Tone won the World Clash by deliberately using CDs for various practical reasons. This ushered in a sort of second, post post 'Sleng Teng' digital era, or you could even say a 'Totally' digital era - one of instrument-less production in the studio followed by a digitally CDJd execution on stage. And it was a total takeover, the big sounds and selectors just stopped using vinyl completely. Before that it was strickly 7"s all round, even when the Japanese Mighty Crown sound won the same year as this, in 1999. Now that IS impressive. All very interesting, but anyway...Still all 7"s at a Jambie dance, thas for sure!)

Our man Fire Links is properly in amongst and down with the crowd in this one - it's a proper bashment massive.

Love it. How things done changed.

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