Monday, 13 September 2010

The Voice Of An Angel

Our man Brian En/mo getting in on the scenius of auto-tune (in a terribly un-urban way) back in 06ish - claiming that everyone's favourite Antares vocal tool creates a sound that he believes to be something like, 'the voice of an angel.'

...meanwhile, in Jamaica.

In all fairness to the man though, what he's saying slots in really nicely with my robo ragga / predator is out there thing that I've talked about a bit before with NUU-ragga.

'It's possible to do things with voices that you couldn't do in the past...If you over-use it, the voice stops sounding human...that machine creates a new person...a person who could never exist in real life.

You're taking a machine that existed to solve a problem, but using it to make something that nobody ever thought about making.'

Jungle tekno(logy).

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