Tuesday, 26 October 2010


...something off quickly. For those of you that have been checking here recently - my apologies. I've been really quite busy recently.

Big tings this week though (!) as I've got my first gig in TIME alongside the Ray Nulds this Saturday at the Social, as well as the usual bi-monthly Innacity FM slot from 4-6 pm same day.

30th October's the day - hope to see you ALL locked / there.

En plus, also very excitingly...

VOODOO Rave is unexcpectedly BACK in itz OriGinal endz on the 26th November at Ze Fountain in good 'ol Cambridge!!!

More info to follow - but I'm aiming to bung a super spooky mix up on ere soon, so you can all get your masks and joss sticks out, grab yourself a tin of cider and get on a hype ting.

Oh yeees, and on a Rag & Bone tip les Squires are topping the juno bassline download chart for the second week running (HYPE!) so yeeeaaa yeeaa yeaaa.

Oh yea, and I'm on Twitter doing the promo too for dat now.

Safe, safe, safe.


"Let the madness begin..."

 ...roll up, roll up!!!!

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