Thursday, 14 October 2010

Bass(mental) Culture

Ok - so maybe some of the keener jampie followers out there will remember my post on Arthur ' Artwork' Smith ('Energy Nush' Feb 2010) of [now uber-succesful] Magnetic Man fame alongside Skream and Benga, and how he was previously also in mashman dark / future garage outfit Menta alongside one of the guys from speed garage b-line bwoys 187 Lockdown and DnD Productions, who was also building tracks back as far as 1992 - right???

Yea well, turns out our boy Arthur's been on the scene from back in the day as well - releasing super dark n' menacing first wave MNML tekno back in the mid 90s as on half of AJ Sound [as featured alongside many other ARD 90s trax on this week's rrridiculous Retrospective Rag & Bone show on Sub FM].

Out to Warlock for the spot.

Man's certainly getting his P's due now.

NUUMS FLASH - Interesting point here on the role of 'accesibility' and its importance in an established dance music scene ----> people like Katy B's current ab(use) in pop / grime here at the beginning of the [teens?]10's (via Benga / Benga vox) and some of the biggest electronic chart hits at the start of the 00s (Fragma / Fragma vox).

What u call it?



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