Monday, 20 December 2010

Natty Christmas pt.2


For all of those that watch this sh*t :

Over the next week I shall be putting a new mix up every day on my mixcloud account ( in an attempt to get all you jampie readers terribly hype for christmas.

Each one will be on a different vibe / theme / genre / tip, and just like one of those doors on an advent calendar type online memes, will be viewable from that day on, right up until the 25th.

Also - in a style similar to other advent type stuff / those very tight but always madly on point FACT mixes, I will be taking them down quite shortly after.

This is to encourage buzz, a feeling of exclusiveness to those that care about these things.

The first will be a very special guest mix, and should be up by midnight tonight.

I hope that this will keep you all entertained right up to the end of what has been, at least as I see it, a very productive year - mix / radio / voodoowise (and blogwise, up to a point).

Tank ya koindly for all of your support, and I hope you find this jokes / rly cool.

Updates will be popping up on here as they come in.

Festive bless, and Irie Ismas wishies to you, one and all.

-I Jambie.

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