Wednesday, 22 December 2010

"It's a hard place that I'm livin, but I'm doing well, well..."

Captain "Don Van Vliet" Beefheart died on the 18th December 2010. I wasn't aware of this at the time, but having just found out I felt it necessary to make mention of it here.

He was one of my favourite musicians of all time, and I hope that he will be remembered, at very least, as one of the most important artistic talents of the last century. RIP.

He was always a controversial artist, and who knows what he might have acheived sonically had he not watered down his (still phenomenal) sound after the release of his seminal 2xLP Trout Mask Replica, in an attempt at producing the 'music that you all wanted to hear.' What we have on tape, however, will continue to stand the test of time, solidifying the already very apparent genius of this exceptional (controlling, and, apparently, enfuriating) human being.

Below are the lyrics to 'Frownland', the first track off the album and a massively uplifting blues song by just about anyone's standards.

God bless.

"My smile is stuck, I cannot go back to your Frownland.
My spirit's made up of the ocean, and the sky 'n' the sun 'n' the moon, 'n' all my eyes can see.
I cannot go back to your land of gloom, where black jagged shadows remind me of the coming of your doom.
I want my own land.
Take my hand and come with me.
It's not too late for you, it's not too late for me to find my homeland. 
Where a man can stand by another man without an ego flying. 
With no man lying 'n' no one dying by an earthly hand.
Let the devils burn and the beggar learn, 'n' the little girls that live in those old worlds take my kind hand.
My smile is stuck.
I cannot go back to your Frownland . 
I cannot go back to your Frownland."

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