Friday, 11 February 2011

Free Bones

A bunch of free tracks now up for download on the mighty Rag & Bone Records' soundcloud page, all at a CDJ friendly 320 mp3 / wav!!!

The tunes come in a set of three w/ forthcoming sheeeet from the man like Stagga's album (HYPE!!!), a free Valta & Minikin tune to accompany their recent Man Down \ Bad Sex release, and a funky lickle mutant housey type banger of a remix by DJ Warlock for always wicked Senseless Records last year.

Stagga tune's a mad ting based around a vocal from the grunge god Bounty Killaaa [vintage 90s Ragga footage - he's the one with the nuttiest voice], and some heavy drops of that mad bass spacestep thing that only he can do (and maybe Monky, who's also on the album...).

It's up as a promo for THE LONDON BOROUGH OF BASS night at Corsica on 26th February [SEE POST BELOW].

After the night, the link will expire. So don't sleep on it.

Just so you know.


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