Friday, 11 December 2009

Is Friday Again!

Haha, didn't post shit all this week. Oh well!

Westwood was funny as fuck on 1Xtra yesterday, he was hitting on the news lady and kept playing this clip of a kid saying "he's old, he's wrinkly, he's cute" saying it was Tiger Woods' ex. And this other one of an actual ex of his saying, "He's the whitest black guy I've ever met!" I think the producer was telling him to cut it cos he kept doing it, but instead he just shouted loads and ran gunshot sounds and sirens and stuff. Yea it was really jokes.

Anyways, he played so much good hip hop that I can't remember it all. He said he was keeping it old school at one point, and by that he meant playing tunes that actually came out when I was still at school. Actually, classic, tunes.

This one got played which is new, and it is getting me bare hyped. It's all about the rap game on ere today blud!

Happy fucking friday everybody. If anyone's catching Tempz on saturday ya blessed. I dunno if I can be arsed to go that far out (is it in essex?) and then get dumped pon road at 4am, but it will be nuts so maybe...

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