Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bare hype Wu Tang shit on youtube

Seriously i forgot how good old Wu Tang videos are. Hadn't seen the video for this one before but it's fucking nuts.

Too many highlights but ODB at 2.00 is particularly gully. There's this live clip of him from 93 up on there too which is fucking next level. RIP big baby jesus. Got 36th Chamber on me actually...

Looks like the whole of hyper violent samurai film Shogun Assassin (sampled shitloads on Wu Tang albums) is up on youtube in 10 parts.

It's a jokes if you ain't seen it. At 1.00 in on this clip there's a big bit where our bwoy Lone Wolf clashes with one of the shogun's sons and absolutely fucks him up.

And that's just like at the very start of the film.

Actually, this bit's at the VERY start.
'When I was little...'

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