Thursday, 8 April 2010

How We Do Dis Voodoo Do...

Right, it's Voodoo Rave in Shoreditch tomorrow, so obviously I'm shitting myself.

Set-wise I'm standardly bare hyped about every tune goin in the bag, BUT just to top things off; i gots Tuffff 'Fu*ky-ting' Africa in the post today, bagged one of the High(Tek) Volume VIPs that went for sale very briefly on Juno t'other day, found this pretty little picture disk (via the Rag&Bone show...biiiiggguuupppss), caught the launch of this ere Killa P sealed muthaf*cker on monday aaaand managed to finally cop one' a theeese on 180g plastic which should be comin in tomorrow morning.


So yea, dem nah reeaaddddyy. Bassically.

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