Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Roots Man Time, London

Here's a quick post of some of the Roots & Reggae tunes that I'm feelin right now...

First up has to be this big one ere. Despite coming off Chimney Records' Movie Star Riddim, the single got a worldwide friendly pressing via JA Big Bwoys VP Records this February, which is always a quality stamp of approval. Took a little while to grow on me cos of the chorus, but man...I rate it now!

As ever with the mighty Queen Ifrica there's just too many nice smooth lil vocal hooks in it to ignore, and that old school stuttered telephone DADA DADA DA DA at the start gets me goin every time. Begs to be turned up nice and loud - Trrruss me!

Elsewhere I recently re-e-dicscovered these two by Sizzla and Busy Signal off Jukeboxx's Nylon Riddim. I've said these things many times before but it is ALWAYS nice to see Sizzla on his old fine form like this, and Busy voicing Reggae tunes just works for me SO WELL! Both a muss for cruisin about in the hot weather (isn't it nice!?!).

*Bigger than usual post alert*

Here are three VERY sweet ones to round it up.

This one from Gyptian is getting heavy heavy support from just about every reggae selector even vaguely in the know at the moment for all the right reasons. Many a dutty Friday morning post-'Hot Wuk meets Costcutter 24hr Food & Wine Uptown' has been made much much better by dis one on the YoutTube.

And finally deeeezzz two from new 'uns Sophia Squire and Chris Martin are very VERY large. Yes I!!!!!

So there you go. The new soundtrack to your 'Spring's here at last' sunshine days.

Big up ya chests each and everyone who made it down to The Princess Alice for Voodoo Rave on Friday. So nice to see so many familiar faces crowding up the place, and despite nearly everything that could have gone wrong with the venue going, well...well wrong, the vibe was der.

Next time you'll all get music at volumes you can 'ave a dance to.

And that's a promise.

Nuff love to all of ya. Bless up.

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