Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Classic TraXXX Mania

Just found THIS classic Dance Mania booty / ghetto mix from DJ Flint posted up on the ol' YoutTube (actually uploaded as recently as feb 2010...).

The original CDr / cassette release dates from back in 1997, and (interestingly!) includes many of the names included on the recent Planet Mu Footwork / Nu Skool Juke comps - full tracky here on the discogs page (audio cuts after about track 17, so no RP Boo or DJ Clent unfortunately. See what I did there, with the links...).

"From the back...Bitch. Hoe...Woah Oh..." etc etc etc. This sh*t is fast as hell, and really f*cked up, trust me.

Turn't up, and switch your mind to freak mode.


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