Monday, 3 January 2011

None More Black-er

I know this sh*t ain't exactly hot off the press now...but, bwoy, this recent remix of UK dark techno act Raime from the equally / even more dark tech man like Regis is seriously effing good ennit?!

Totally full on spookiness, understated as hell, spidery clicks, blips n drips, those eerie as foo*k film soundbites that start padding about, that 2 dark swampy bassline that propels it all along - surely this one's a must?

The artwork (and title) are even reminiscent of classic Cold Rush Records mid 90s horrorcore styles I reckon.

The feel certainly is.

Cold sh*t, ennit.

Apparently the original was a really seminal cut. Nice to see a label on this kind of tip coming from these humble shores / a scene very close to home again.

To reference (hehe!) -

"Darkside b'stards, your time!"

Plus it got a vinyl pressing.


Happy 2011, Voodoo Ravers.
- jambie

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