Sunday, 16 January 2011

Tribal Ting Dat

Absolutely MASSIVE new one here, from previous DJ Distance collaborator Tunnidge on some mad tribal darkside tip (wtf?!? I KNOW!!!!). The track even gets a lovely deep 180g Transition cut thanks to DMZ soundbwoy Mala's always DEEP Medi Musik label (standard protocol for ALL of their pressings, ennit...).

File alongside classic Skull Disco, T++ etc etc (If you wanna get all Boomkat about things...although they actually rather w*nkily said that the track was, "one of the most esoteric tracks [of?] Deep Medi's catalogue, ripe for set-starting dramas." It's A LOT more than just a bate set opener, trusssss me...).

There's even a pretty effin 'eavy 'alfstepper on the flip - satisfying all of your 'con-tin-#nuum' needs with some excellent future b-line bizniz 'llongsidge that classicly spine tingling 'fiery the angels fell' sample, originally off of Ridley Scott's uber sick darkside sci-fi standard Blade Runner.

[Previously available here and here, and probably pon countless other good club tunes over the past 20 years - circa '95 and '05 respectively, if you're that keen / just in case you din't know!].

VERY Voodoo = Cop on site business.

I'm certainly gona be rinsing both sides out over the next few months pon di radio. Fingerz crossed for more big tings on wax this 2k11!

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