Monday, 23 May 2011

That Living Feeling

Following on from the mention of the Jeffersons in my previous post.

Particularly fond memories of this track. Absolutely love it.

That's The Dead's very own Jerry G on guitar noodles as well there that is, just so you know.

When I first got the CD of 'Surrealistic Airplane' as a teen I remember being very shocked that Marty actually sung on most tracks on the album (their famous tracks are all Grace Slick's efforts...Somebody To Love, White Rabbit).

I think that the Marty love ballads vs Grace's over-sexualised rock outs on tracks and on stage were what lead the band to split up in the end. Glanced somewhere, but definitely worth checking up on.

I remember making everyone sit down and watch this video from their Woodstock performance the morning after my 17th birthday party (that I'd spent hours downloading off kazaa or something, pre-YouTube...Yea I know, right?!?).

Big tunes from party night itself included this, this and most definitely this. Not nearly so retro, though I do believe I did in fact get an acoustic bass as well as a Tim Buckley album present-wise.

I think it's fairly well documented that they were a fantastic live act, although I haven't seen much mention of it on the web.

This Jimi bit constanly gets wheeled as your defining Woodstock moment, and music-crit-wise surely The Stooges, Stones and Doors were your ones not to have missed back then, surely?

All very rightly so as well. Good times.

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