Friday, 6 May 2011

Killed It / Hardchive Bizzle

Also, for any of those that missed it HERE is the archive for the Voodoo Radio Bassline special on the Innacity FM show a few weeks ago ft. Sheffield's own J69 Productions!

Obviously the man killed it dead, and it was sick having him down. Any time you fancy coming down again mate!

Big up the mixcloud lot each and every for hosting our now fatty amount of archive shows up there, and a MASSIVE big up to the man like Blackmass Plastics on favouriting the dam fing! Ya a BIG MAN!

To return the favour, here's a cheeky plug for some of his new bits up on Soundcloud. Plenty of very deep and dark dirt up there, including a free d/l that's already maxing 83 grabs! So don't sleep!


Enjoy the sunshine, and a very irie Friday to you all.

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