Friday, 18 June 2010

Dances Are Changing

Played Kings College Affair in Cambridge this Wed night / Thurs morning for the first time. Very good sets from Rustie and Ikonika (standard), and some nice niche 'n grime from Mosca (even if he and Joy Orbison were grumpy f*cks when man stepped up for some chirpsin) and all in all it was a big big party. Well done Tom and the music boys pon the line up, serious.

But cuz - when you clear the floor by running tracks like these at 4 in the morn, you know the dances they are a changing - 4 manz left by 5am. Mad. Absolutely no one needed kicking out, and there was sure as shit no call for one more tune.

Where were all the mash men?? I used to live for the early morning dirt section. Man even bought 1h 30 of GABBA with, just in case.

Plus girls had overrun all of the loos by about 12am. Is this a meph thing or something??? I don't get it. Why is that happening? I'm all for equality, obviously, and I usually don't give a shit inna dance. But it just wasn't a ravey TAZ thing, this was stoops - it was a bunch of stush gals being loud and crass and watching you wee.

Getting patted on the back when you're pissing by shitloads of young girls is a massive par - truss me. They all demanded keys for cash like crackheads too. Not nice.

Ah well! They CERTAINLY din't run out of vodka ka ka this time, and I sunk 5 tinnies during our 1 hr set in the end, so man was feeling prretty dangerous by the end. Rrrruff!

Plus DJ Derek went ard. Ree-e-spect where respect is due for that man, seriously tuff booking.

Safe safe safe anyways!

As always - make sure to catch myself the Jambie alongside Ray Nulds tomoro on the InnaCity FM 4-6pm. The Red Stripe meets Red Rooster Uptown Pirate Sessions, rrrrunning the Voodoo down - bad manz on the waves every 2 weeks.

Get to know.

Hope to see you locky, and whatever you're doing have a wicked weekend.

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