Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Throw that one straight backy

All over this one!!! Ooooooh yes!

I know nothing about the guy (bar the fact that his tracks have been popping up in many many sets recently), but here he's responsible for one of a whole bunch of UK Funky type tunes getting pressed at the moment that are absolutely doing it for me.

Track's stooped in sireynoldsybareawareofthenuumness from start to finish (...just look at the artwork!!! It's exactly like a Fantazia flyer circa 91 or something. I'm so on it) - diva vocals, ravey pads, bang-up-to-date UK funky-slinky rhythms, breaks 'n bass etc etc blah blah blah - but yea yea yea, what a wicked tune.

I'll whack this lil leftfielder up on ere too for now.

The release of this one isn't quite so out of the blue for me as I've been chasing a vinyl pressing of the track since the digi release of the full Roska!Roska!Roska! Rinse EP a while back. Got clued on to this tune when Warlock ran it right near the end on him and Noyeahno's show a few weeks back. Lit up the chat room like straight backy bizniz.

Rag & Bone show - pon the Sub FM every two weeks. Get to know.

Large UK bass sunshine stylezzzz, coming absolutely correct and just in time to get tings hype inna dance this summer.

Yes yes yes yes.


  1. don't watch fam!

    got played on my best of 2010 show too...and wheeled. big support from the voodoo camp! irie bless ; )



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